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  1. Testing the New Changes of the Enchanting System, after many player complaints, developers finally improved enchanting success rates and got the Legendarys and Ultimate enchants, it looks like it got much better.
  2. Well, for those who want to venture into Crafting of Aion 6.2, in the end it's worth it.
  3. Hello, guys, coming back with PvP in 6.2. Notice of strong scenes (many pigeons were mistreated in this recording).
  4. Actually the RNG looks awful, on my Weap were 1/4 and Ring Ultimate 0/7.
  5. I'm ashamed to read your comment, I'm Asmo-KT and I do not suffer at all with the amount of Elys, stop crying, I get stronger and kill those who mess up, simple.
  6. Hello, in the morning I've been able to purify my full set Leg, it's working with me, on average I can put 1 ~ 2 parts +15 using this method, and yes its really hard.
  7. As you can see in the video I have only the plume of item compensation, it was ancient +10 and I managed to purify with enchant, my items were all achieved in this upgrade, the ones that was not enchant was through the craft. ''Obviously another RNG hack vid'' Speaking the truth, I do not even know what it is.
  8. Hi guys, I made a video showing how I am able to enchant and purify my equips in this update, the RNG is very bad indeed, however, it is possible to load your Gear, I do not have any compensation items from the past att is pure PvP farm, they do not even have 1 Kinah.
  9. Hello Ziekel, I have specified NA server because I do not know if the chances of coming Golden Shugo are the same as the server KR, JP or EU.
  10. I usually run in these places, they can appear in other places as well. https://ibb.co/Tqxvh2d
  11. Many are having difficulties and doubts about acquiring the new skills, I do this very easily and you just need luck. In this video I only show in the BoS, but I do not do the same in CoE, FM and PF cases. Good luck.
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