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  1. wow thank you for giving us something that was supposed to be available since 7.0😂
  2. Says the guy who hides behind an account with 2 posts. Why don't you let everyone know who you are? Hiding something? Cheers
  3. This is not something new and Sethos is DEFINITELY not a part of it. He never was and he will never be. I don't know about the rest, but i wouldn't be surprised.. at all. Not Today is showing signs of development and co-operation with the rest faction...at last! Thumbs up for Omega, Hellish ,Wagyu and Vantheria. In the very end, i believe and hope that everyone got a lesson from that.
  4. Yes, i'm working on it It will need a lot of practise. Pre-boss mechanics are easy. Thanks for the new guides you added!
  5. Thank you, we did 2 runs tonight for the mechanics before boss. It went well, but Ereshkigal - oh boy!
  6. I would suggest people to check Vantheria's YouTube channel. Vantheria has uploaded a nice video focused on mace duty and there is a link to a pdf guide, which is pretty useful for people that would like to either start running VT or would like to know some things before running it. Personally, i'm studying that guide to begin some learning runs with some friends and i would totally recommend it. In general, cubics are required for that instance, since they help a lot, and it's something that should be obtainable, since the instance exists, but the cubics aren't. @Hime Could you please have a
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0zwCZJoa9Q Gelkmaros
  8. Only 2 are accurate. Guess who! The rest are false positives
  9. Hello Cyan, Thank you for the changes. Any plans of reseting the entries since a lot of us have already run both instances before this update?
  10. I couldn't agree more. Although there is a serious lack of communication and players' support, quaintly, this game at least to me has been a good way to entertain myself. The people you know, the people you meet, the fun, the LFG drama moments, the girls (lol) NEVER GIVE UP!
  11. My math is ok Only? Let's go back to zero income Ahh wrong post quoted
  12. Guys, it's still 1280 lunas per week if you have 8 toons. Still better than a big zero we had before.
  13. Unless you have double digit ping, ignore polearm. It's slower and hard to weave. Choose greatsword, it's faster and easier to weave between AACs. AoEs are to aggro a bunch of mobs. What you need is a greatsword for group of mobs and a nice dual wield set for boss fight ( i prefer dagger/sword). For stigmas, as ykcuL said, choose a hybrid build: sure strike, sharp strike, exhausting wave, lockdown, earthquake wave, the last slot doesnt matter. So does the vision stigma. Also, make sure you get the surefooted charge (daevanion skill) and weave. Some people say that weaving is poi
  14. I logged just to check if this event worth it. Reading past comments, apparently it doesn't. Hm, back to inactivity
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