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  1. I got 0, so it looks like it was not intended to affect the Ultimate Memory Shards, just the ancient and legendary ones. 🙁
  2. Super helpful! Also where does the baby spawn?
  3. I hadn't even really considered the crit damage collections, but honestly I don't really understand the crit damage/defense stats. 😶 How much difference does +20 crit damage make?
  4. My main #1 toon is Cleric and when the promotion is over I've been wondering if I should pick Tiamat or Marchutan and would love to hear opinions from anyone that has one/both of them! The toon I use most after cleric is Songweaver, but I don't care too much because either one is a massive upgrade from Frigida. 😄 I don't really pvp much so Erreshkigal is out, and my pvp armor is so bad she couldn't help anyway. 😔 Does the extra PvE attack boost from Tiamat make much of a difference compared to Marchutan for dps? And does Marchutan's 55% cast speed make casting any faster than Tiama
  5. I think they are just referring to the transformation coins as event coins. Different things, but they are the 21 free coins specifically for the transformation event/promotion. In August we were able to get 1 Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) Key and 1 Grade A Level 2-4 Minion Contract Box Key, but only once per account. So they refreshed it - if you got them for free in August you can get them a 2nd time during the current event. They probably mentioned the minion key because it was released at the same time as the legendary contract key, so they just refreshed th
  6. This is almost up there with 6.2; 5 manastone fasteners and 1 ancient guiding stone from event rewards bad. 😶 But honestly if it's fun at least there's that + event coins. I enjoyed Daeva Dash a lot and we haven't had event coins for a while.
  7. When vandals were first released it would always flag them with an exclamation, I don't know specifics on how it works but I'm assuming it was probably because of the laser skill that used to hit several ticks of damage per second. My first thought is if it's showing everyone hacking it might be a little off due to an update or something? But idk maybe all the top DPS are possibly hacking. Either way NCSoft won't really do anything. lol
  8. I was very upset by this, and when I bought the skin was extra upset... on guys it's literally just the Hamerun transform colored white, not even a new unique skin.
  9. Maybe they interpreted "I'm gonna stick with the restoration token" as "I'm gonna stick with the decision to go through with the restoration" When I put in a restoration request the first message they sent me ended with: It's always best to be clear so there's no misunderstandings. "No, I don't want to use my restoration token on ----" Hopefully you can get it back. But it is Aion support so....
  10. The description is bugged, but you do get the cast speed, movement speed and stats boosts as well during the event. Then I guess it goes back to only movement speed when it's over.
  11. Please don't go back and edit the event page to say it ends on August 19th.
  12. Whenever that happens to me the only thing that fixes it is restarting my computer. It's been pretty frequent lately.
  13. I would love to see the return of the 1 kinah retune buff! @Kibbelz Just a suggestion..
  14. But I don't think benefit has anything to do with it either. I got denied even just trying to transfer a purely cosmetic skin with 0 stats on it and 0 way to give any character an edge over anyone else in any way. As far as I've been told (we've both been told) by support only items that can be put in the account warehouse can be transferred using a restoration token... which really doesn't make any sense... unless they're unaware that there's even an option to use a restoration token to transfer items at all.
  15. Specifically the part about item transfers. (This is the restoration if anyone doesn't already know about it) The first time I requested an item to be transferred (an untradeable skin received on that day) I got this as a response: The second time I requested an armor box from a quest reward and this was the response: Which was slightly more understandable since it was a quest reward and I was just being hopeful, but at the same time it gives me 0 idea on what items can actually be transferred. From these 2 responses it seems like only items that can
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