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  1. If the free Joker's Card bundle is once per week then I mean it's still kind of bad, but at least it will give people a chance to craft at least one transform box, but if it's a one time only thing... it's incredibly out of touch. Many people are out of jobs right now and possibly will be for months. It just feels so inappropriate to have an event where you can literally only participate is by spending money in a time where income is limited for a lot of people.
  2. Discipline still broken

    A few weeks ago I had asked about the GP rankings resetting and Cyan had said: Maybe he mixed up GP and arena rankings since GP reset last week and arena rankings will be reset tomorrow?
  3. You can also run any path in Herelym Mine (There's an easy/medium/hard path to choose from) and a shugo that has a chance to drop a skill book can spawn at the end. It's just about as rare as any other instance, but you can run it solo so if you get one it's guaranteed to be yours and you don't have to be super geared to run the easy path. And you're getting AP for every run, so even if you don't get any shugo drops you'll have enough AP to craft your skill book!
  4. Does the GP ranking not reset anymore?

    @Cyan Is it going to reset for this GP season? Will we have to wait until next month's season? Will it reset again at all?
  5. Vandal Lasers

    When you get critical hits with the laser it doesn't have the same "Critical" text that other skills get. You might be hitting around 30-40k per tick with the laser, and when you ctrit even though there's no text like the other skills you might be hitting around 90-100k instead. If you mean recently since 7.2, a lot of vandal skills had a passive 200% chance to crit that got removed, so you might notice a lot less crits if you don't have lots of physical crit tuned/socketed.
  6. The patch notes say that it was supposed to reset on 2/26, but it hasn't changed in months...
  7. Cheater_KT

    "We've reviewed the video and have found that all players' characters have wings and by pressing the jump button twice have the ability to glide. If you have any further questions please read About The Game. https://www.aiononline.com/about " Probably.
  8. Definitely not worse, not by a long shot! On ancient items I think it's pretty average to be anywhere in the 30-70 ancient stone range, a little less or higher depending on luck. Which is definitely miles better than when we first got 6.2... it took me over 400 ancient stones to get 1 ancient to +15.
  9. Aion skins for cleric

    Amen!! As someone who's main character is a male cleric I can definitely agree! I don't know who designs the armor, but they must REALLY have a thing for trench coats. That's seriously like 90% of the available chain armor skins for guys. The Noble Soldusk/Gilded armor has a slightly modified version of Prowess armor for guys, but for girl characters it's a new different skin and cloth got the old prowess chain skin. The new Aureate armor that you can buy for bloodmarks earned in Katalam have the old Kunax/Forgotten Reian Fighter skins, but if you buy the armor boxes it has a chance to proc as the Prime Guardian Royal Captain skin (light blue/gold 70ap armor) and it has the bonus of being very decent ultimate PvP armor. Tiamat Stronghold still drops its old skin as well. These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I kinda like mostly because they're not trench coats, but tbh I don't really know what they look like on girl characters but there's like no such thing as a skin that looks bad on girls but good on guys on Aion. The skin I'm using right now is the special emissary chain armor, the old white shiny unicorn themed one; for my PvE gear. Sadly it's not available anymore since the vendor was removed with the 6.0 update... and for PvP I just said forget it and bought some like sailor outfit with high socks and shorts and a funny cat head from the gold sand shop. Lol But don't get your hopes up for any decent mace/shield skins..................................
  10. It would be incredible if we could put Minium into the account warehouse. Honestly I think the 3 vaults a week is pretty decent, like there's no way I was ever getting 300+ grade A minium a week before (consistently - maybe sometimes with godlike rng), but when you need tens of thousands of them to combine for an S rank minion......
  11. Siege TIME / Days

    It's a little crazy having all 3 all at once, but honesty I don't mind the schedule. It's nice to not have to siege every single day. Just imagine! Having a few days a week to do whatever you want at 9pm server time without feeling the pressure of having to go to siege!!!
  12. 7.2 Patch Update

    When we got 6.7 they gave an announcement 2 weeks before it went live, it was just like a paragraph saying "Hey new stuff coming!" Then 1 week before it went into a little bit of detail, and then we got the patch notes the Tuesday before the update. And they had items for 7.2 listed in the Store Items In January page at the beginning of the month. So I'm sure at least some time went into it... but I wouldn't put it past them to just forget to tell us with all the BnS stuff going on right now.
  13. SL (ez) - Weakening Draugh

    You should see a lever next to the slimes that are right next to him, you have to kill all the slimes and then have someone use it. You have to aggro the boss first THEN use the lever. If you use the lever first before you start the fight it's not gonna count it as being pulled and it will flood. There's 4 little sections and 4 levers, every time you move forward make sure to kill all the slimes and have someone use the newest lever. (And make sure the boss is in the light to do damage) Be careful once you get to the 3rd lever, at that point once the light on the floor goes out he will summon 4 healing slimes, whoever is tanking has to drag him away quickly while the other dps kills the healing adds before they touch the boss. He heals about 50% of his health back if the healing adds are able to walk to him. And in every section after the first he will occasionally summon 4 Explosive Spores, make sure to kill them before they blow up. And of course don't stand in the patches of poison on the ground. It can be a little intense and overwhelming at first, but after doing it a few times it's not so bad - good luck!
  14. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    Even more! You actually get a little over 900 from all 9 camps, and you can also get 400 from the repeatable weeklies at the Guardian/Archon Outposts (26x4x4), and you can buy another 300(I think it's 300 lol) weekly with Stellium from the altar general goods merchants! So if you're not lazy you can get about 3500-3600 per week + the random little bits and pieces from lugbug daily bags and I might be crazy but I think you get some from winning siege too?
  15. Are Siege FPS Rates Still Messed Up?

    I almost never lag during siege. As long as I shift + f12 to hide everyone and hide skill effects there's barely even a hiccup. There was a point where I would immediately DC in a crowd, so every siege I would instantly crash as soon as asmos ran up. I was so confused because I had never lagged in siege ever then suddenly it was unplayable for like a month. Turns out it was the DPS meter I had recently got. So I uninstalled it and immediately went back to lag free sieges. Of course that's just what happened to me personally, and I don't really know too much tech stuff that could possibly help.