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  1. Aetherforge Masters Event

    Please don't go back and edit the event page to say it ends on August 19th.
  2. Whenever that happens to me the only thing that fixes it is restarting my computer. It's been pretty frequent lately.
  3. I would love to see the return of the 1 kinah retune buff! @Kibbelz Just a suggestion..
  4. But I don't think benefit has anything to do with it either. I got denied even just trying to transfer a purely cosmetic skin with 0 stats on it and 0 way to give any character an edge over anyone else in any way. As far as I've been told (we've both been told) by support only items that can be put in the account warehouse can be transferred using a restoration token... which really doesn't make any sense... unless they're unaware that there's even an option to use a restoration token to transfer items at all.
  5. Specifically the part about item transfers. (This is the restoration if anyone doesn't already know about it) The first time I requested an item to be transferred (an untradeable skin received on that day) I got this as a response: The second time I requested an armor box from a quest reward and this was the response: Which was slightly more understandable since it was a quest reward and I was just being hopeful, but at the same time it gives me 0 idea on what items can actually be transferred. From these 2 responses it seems like only items that can be put in the account warehouse are eligible... in that case... what's the point of having an option for item transfers in the first place? And with the 90 day rule, it's not even helpful for someone who wants to transfer over an old untradeable skin between characters. All I was given was a link to the restoration policy page, that tells me the items can't be over 90 days old and the characters have to be on the same account. For me that was the case in both instances, but apparently nothing that warrants using a token to transfer can actually be transferred?
  6. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    When I saw the proc was kinah boxes I thought it might be insane amounts, then when I scrolled down the event page and saw it was only 500k I had a feeling the proc rate would be very high and getting the "critical output" would be more of a punishment than reward. Which means the proc for the good rewards is probably very low. So sad it turned out to be true, this was my only hope to ever get +15 stigmas. Sadly this is probably how it's intended to be. They wouldn't just hand out +15 stigmas to everyone.
  7. New Store Items in June

    Dragon, hover, skating, red's basket, cutie dance, socialite, boxing, dandelion.... For some reason the ninja motion and parasol twirl are in there permanently, but no other motion qualifies...???????
  8. No armor skins? Wing skins? New costume rotation? Emotes? I would say furniture but sadly Breezy furniture probably fits the summer theme.... The Dandelion motion card from the event would have been nice. There's so many things we don't have access to and all we get to do is pray there's something in the BCM next month, so it's kind of sad.
  9. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Hi! I was wondering if you know anything (or if anyone does) about some "newer" skins with this patch update? Like I noticed in the guide there's a level 75 armor from the campaign quest called "Ancient Legion Defender's ---" and it's the old white armor with a little snowflake on it from I think crucible? And it was in the 5.8 aetherforging. Are there any other different skins you can get while leveling up now? I also got a white armor drop in Inggison called "Aegis" armor; is it the same Aegis armor from the OP with the Hyperion skin? Sadly it was only plate gloves... and tbh all giant bulky plate gloves look the same to me... Thanks in advance! (And for the thread in general!)
  10. Since 6.0 the selection of skins has been... not so great. So many vendors removed, all the BCM skins removed and luna skins removed. Furniture is in the same boat. Other than the Breezy set and the couple sets in BCM it's so hard to get any furniture. Guestblooms and Hearthblooms seem to have been pretty much completely removed as well. (More skins) And they're not exactly cosmetic, but.. in 5.8 we were able to craft a handful of different permanent mounts using luna crafting, but now we only get 5/7 day ones and 1 permanent one that is slower than running.. It would be nice if we had more armor/wing/weapon skin options available either through in-game or BCM, along with furniture and other things like motions/emotes. @Hime Also is there any chance of mixing up the cosmetic items in luna crafting at all? We've had the exact same things in there for months, when it used to be changed up every couple weeks.
  11. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    And for people who would rather quit the game than look like a transform (the OP of this thread) the option for 0 kinah daily transparent scrolls is also there. lol After a few days they can easily farm up enough transparent scrolls using a single toon to last a couple months. And then spend on whatever else they want should they choose to do more.
  12. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    If you S rank Abyssal Splinter (the giant crystal in Stellusia on the middle staircase) you can buy 125 transparent scrolls for the 25 fragments you get. All you need is a little dps and you get an easy 125 transparent scrolls for 0 kinah and it's daily.
  13. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    I would suggest participating in the current event even if you don't plan on returning immediately. It gives you free access to a legendary transformation contract. You can choose if you want an attack or casting speed one, so there's no chance you will not get one you need. All transformations last for 10 minutes now, instead of the 8/6/4 minutes they used to. And there's a new feature that gives you 125 transparent scrolls per day free. So if you don't wanna play as a cartoon cat or Bollvig you don't have to. It requires DPS on a solo instance boss, so you'll need a little bit of gear first, but it's not too difficult. Especially right now with BoS and FM (equivalent to Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity now) dropping ultimate armor and weapons.
  14. Right now there is an event where Bastion of Souls (BoS) and Frozen Monolith (FM) are dropping ultimate sovereign gear. Just the armor and weapons and it's completely random. You can be a ranger and get drops for any class. You can also get 1 free piece of ultimate sovereign armor (you get to choose which one you want) by doing the guide quests given by Risiel in Lakrum. The divine pandora accessories are good. The earrings are the only pandora accessory that is kind of bad. The necklace/rings/belt/wings are all just as good or better than legendary skyflame accessories.
  15. I'd just like to point out the big gap in retune stats is (for some reason) specific to ONLY the earrings. For the other accessories the difference in stats like magic attack and heal boost is only around 2-5 points lower than skyflame. And the crit is higher on all the other pandora accessories/feathers. (As well as higher PvE attack at +15, earrings included)