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  1. fix the price of the stigma change

    Agreed 100000%! As a cleric having to swap out both Major and Greater stigmas multiple times a day depending on pve/pvp/group/solo play I waste so much money changing stigmas.
  2. Decoration on main cities

    How hard would it be to put decorations in Lakrum instead? (Not trying to be sarcastic/mean, I'm actually curious what would have to go into doing that lol)
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    @Cyan Are all boxes supposed to be group wide drops like the fruit boxes were? Or just the ones from the boss? Either way right now, drops from both mobs and bosses have to be rolled on. (Or it goes the first person to loot if it's not set to roll on common)
  4. I'm really curious to know how good/bad it is. I have a SW that used up its luck gearing up and can't get a harp from BoS and I want to try and craft an ultimate weapon. The masterwork ultimate harp has about 500 more base points in magic attack and 300 more in magic accuracy than the legendary harp from BoS (that I'm not having luck getting anyway ) But then you're missing out on a good chunk of PvE attack bonus... but at the same time from crafting a PvP harp I can get fighting spirit fragments from the failed attempts, and have a nice PvP weapon too. So would a masterwork ultimate PvP weapon be a good substitute to hold me over until I can get into IDD? Should I go for a monarch harp instead? Suck it up and wait for BoS to drop a legendary?
  5. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    Yeah like somebody mentioned right above me, when you see the little "You've gained 12,000 xp! (Energy of Repose ----)" that's not actually counting towards the crafting level. You can get triple xp, but it doesn't make the amount you need to craft smaller. There's specific crafting boost items. It was one of the ones you'd get from the pink quest NPCs every 5 levels in 5.8 when they gave you 1 for crafting and 1 for gathering. As far as I know the craft boost things aren't available at the moment. And I agree either making those available or giving us a craft xp weekend or something would be nice too for the people who didn't jump on aetherforging pre-6.2, or if people wanna level an alt's crafting since we can't account warehouse materials.
  6. Why you do this NC? Problems with Skins.

    Hey Cyan! I was wondering if we will ever get skins that are no longer obtainable in game at any point. Like the purified Prime Commander gear (80AP set) or the Prowess armor, things like that. Also would you know if it was possible in any way to let us "redo" campaign quests? I was level 75 when 6.2 came out, so automatically I didn't have to do any of the new campaign quests, but because of that anyone level 75 missed out on getting a lot of skins from the new quests, and they're all untradeable and can only be skinned once so you can't even transfer them on like a placeholder armor.
  7. We should be able to craft the masterwork version of armor/weapons by using the "failed" versions if our RNG isn't good enough. For example: if I wanted to make a legendary bow, and I had terrible RNG making ancient bows, it would be nice to have the option to be able to craft the masterwork ancient bow by using 5 normal ones. You could make the level requirement slightly higher than the normal craft as well. You still end up having to farm for lots of materials (or spend lots of money), but at least you won't feel like Aion is spitting on you as you fail to get the critical craft for the 12th time in a row.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    10000% SUPPORT! I change my stigmas about once every 20 seconds, even just a weekend of this would improve the overall quality of my entire life!!
  9. Account Warehouse

    At the VERY least, at least let us be able to put the crafting materials in the Account Warehouse if not the crafted items or kinah.
  10. Why was it changed from a permanent mount to a 7 day mount? It still costs 437 legion coins, which is an extremely steep price for a temporary mount. Would it be possible to either make it permanent again or to drastically lower the cost? It's kind of ridiculous.
  11. Prime Commander armor

    My mom says I'm special so I think we're pretty much set. Really though, that's too bad..
  12. Prime Commander armor

    Will there be any way to obtain the Prime Commander set/skin once 6.0 hits? Or is it just gone and you're out of luck if you never got it?
  13. Gearing a chanter for PvE

    Thank you so much, you really helped me out a ton!!
  14. As a cleric I have a healing set and a dps set of armor, does a chanter need 2 sets as well? (chanter chain + cleric chain?) Would I need to bother getting a mace and shield? I've never seen a chanter use them before in any group I've been in, are they useless in PvE? How should I socket the armor? All power? Precision? If I have a separate heal/support set as well, is it just all HP like clerics? I see people mention hybrid a lot, but what exactly would a hybrid set up look like? Like with the armor/stigmas? Also what would be the best physical plume for a chanter? Thanks in advance!
  15. Staff for a Cleric?

    Thanks, I really appreciate the info! Is there a decent staff I can get at level 69? Or one worth aiming for to use at higher levels? Is Knowledge like a trade off of less MB, but also having the magical critical hit? Is there anyway to get casting speed on a staff? Also if I combine 2 of them, if I enchant them first then combine, will the new staff be stronger than if I combine them both first, then enchant? Or does it scale the same either way? (Sorry for the question vomit)