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  1. How about stop throwing the words “destroying the economy” everywhere? It doesn’t mean ANYTHING! People are getting a lot of free gear which is usual a few months before a major update. It doesn’t impact the “economy” in any way. Do most players usually make a living by selling Thunder Dragon weapons or pvp gear? No. Look at omega/temper prices, they haven’t even moved a lot, cause this event rewards a good balance of gear and upgrade materials . As long as an event doesn’t reward trillions of straight kinahs, which they never do, your so called “economy” regulates itself after the
  2. No need to cry conspiracy, if they didn’t want the quest they just wouldn’t have put it. It would be nice if it was fixed next maintenance though.
  3. The first run gives a key, but the repeatable doesn’t. At least for me and other people in LFG reporting the same thing.
  4. @Cyan Hello, just as a FYI, the repeatable quest from the event (which is supposed to give 1 key after 5 runs) doesn’t work. After doing the quest 5 times, it gives the normal reward (running scroll), doesn’t give a key, and resets to 5 remaining times.
  5. https://youtu.be/DbUBmTfDp2s It’s the music in Kamar. Loved loved loved Sarpan. It was such a beautiful area.
  6. Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn is pretty good, Warbreaker too. Stormlight Archives are excellent, they’re massive books with great world building. Patrick Rotfuss - The Kingkiller Chronicles (the name of the wind) are my favorite books, I can’t recommend them enough. Lev Grossman - The magicians. It’s urban/portal fantasy, kind of a dark depressing Narnia/harry potter for adults. The TV show is good too and more fun if you find the books too dark. Terry Goodkind - The Sword of truth. It falls off in the last books, but the first 10 or so are excellent. C
  7. Well at least we know why they set outrageous prices in the event. Who’s gonna buy omegas/tempers if you can get them easily for free. I wish they had the honesty to admit that, I would respect it more than their shady attitude, excuses and lies.
  8. No worries they’ll block f2p players from accessing the broker like Gameforge did and we’ll have to sub again :’)
  9. They just don’t care that much imo. Even with the few whales, Aion NA is a tiny fraction of their profit, probably not worth the headache. Plus let’s be honest, we’re not easy to deal with sometimes :’)
  10. If you don’t have 5chars that can run AoE/DL at a much better rate than that, there’s a leveling event, use it.
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