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  1. whoa all of you?:D I checked, my cha is gone, but i will join there aswell with a new one:)
  2. i think i have a low lvl cha there even. wich faction are you?:D
  3. I liked the idea of a deava being both elyos and asmodian, would have liked a relevant cha like that in the actual game and not this crap. I refuse to call it Aion mobile or Aion 2.
  4. I always told upfront before i even applied to a group, that im a newbie but i get what you mean. I`ve red all of the guides for the dungeons and watch the vids from sywo who explains the dungeons because i dont want to go unprepared. Yeah, im focusing gearing up for now and run coe+mirash, almost no lakrum left^^ I will look for legions who take in newbies and apply for groups once ive memorized the dungeons mechanics and have the necessary gear. Thanks for the help, guys!
  5. I bet many are having the same problem, I can´t do dungeons simply becuase no one will accept newbies who never run most of the dungeons. I understand that you dont want to waste time and teach a "noob" but how are players supposed to get experience when they are denied to gain experience? Its like in the real life where you cant get a job becuase you dont have the experience but you really want but are denied because well, no experience:D Its frustrating, just wanting to know how many people are having the same issues and if there are any people who would be friendly enough to
  6. Here is another doodle! I will restart my mage painting (not the desired result i hoped for) but not before i made a small ereshkigal fanart (starting tomorrow):) hope you like it!
  7. Thank you, aly:) hope to finish this next week and start a small Ereshkigal drawing!
  8. Aww thank you very much:) happy to hear that^^
  9. A fanart im still working on. I felt really sad about the current state of Aion (started playing around 7 agos), so i painted my mage. Not sure about what armor to paint for her, any suggestions are very welcome^^
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