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    Lol this post is going to age horribly. Premature celebration at its finest. NA can't even do a simple Tia eye event without alienating half the population how are they going to successfully implement the most divisive patch in Aion history? Mind you, they are the only region that couldn't even justify a new server for the patch when it was designed to be a fresh start for new players. They've literally already failed at the patch's intended goal and it hasn't even released yet. I give it 3 months before it sinks in for the fan boys that this game is toast and they blew their last chance.
  2. How is raising a legit concern trying to scare people away? If anything they are trying to call attention or start a discussion to a potentially huge barrier for players in 6.2. Facts aren't salt. Fact #1: there are 17 pieces of gear to enchant in 6.2 Fact #2: the pvp gear requires reaching +15 3 times to max it Fact #3: without events or the cash shop, someone who wins all the available content each day will average ~5 legendary stones per day. Fact #4: here's an enchanting sim to understand how far 5 stones/day will go: http://jsfiddle.net/7z8q6odm/53/embedded/result
  3. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Aren't you such a diehard badass? It's funny you consider doing 3 pvp instance dailies for an hour a "grind". Time-gating gear that requires you to STOP playing the game because you've exhausted your daily rewards is not a grind. Waiting for months to accumulate enough mats by playing for only 1 hour a day because you literally get 1 shot in PVP is not a grind. It's a mechanic that causes your game to have less than 1k active population during peak hours. You know what literally every ageing game in NA has done recently when a huge mechanic changing patch comes? They add fresh start servers and try to LURE in new players because otherwise their games shut down. You know the last two major MMOs in the west to shut down have been NCsoft titles? Guess they want to go for 3 in a row. Ironic considering vets are simply given endgame gear next patch. But new/returning players that don't want to grind for a year just to compete shouldn't be entitled... okay :^) Lets not mention in the CURRENT state of Aion I can swipe $500 and be endgame geared instantly because everything is on the broker. But sure buddy you're playing such a tough and grindy game that new casuals just can't survive in. No they didn't GF rates are 6.2 rates. I mean, if your argument is rubbish it makes sense to simply resort to patronizing. I'm sure new/returning players will wait another 12 months for 6.5 to come to NA so they can finally enchant their gear in a reasonable timeframe. The fact you think 6.2 is a "kinah farming" patch leads me to believe you've yet to even play the patch so it makes sense you don't actually present an argument.
  4. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Enchanting is not easy like you imply. You'll need about 100 ancient and 150 legendary stones on average to go from ancient +0 to ultimate +15. I rush dredge and get 13~15 enchant bags per day, win IDL, win EC, top rank siege rewards and only average ~5 legendary stones per day. That means it will take a month to get my first +15 ultimate piece... there's 17 pieces of armor to enchant in 6.2. Meanwhile I just dumped all my NA kinah into tempering stones. If I play NA come 6.2 I'll have 600 legendary stones day 1 which would take a new/returning player 4 months to farm if they are winning all their PVP content which is impossible in their gear. The only viable path is crafted pvp gear to bypass the three +15s you need per piece. It will still take forever though, especially competing for mats with no gear and no kinah (vets get 12mil per gold bar which is insanely high unless our 6.2 economy gives 10x kinah than other regions). Their only hope is for NA to put legendary stones in the cash shop so they can pay2catchup OR release an NA exclusive event that craps out hundreds of legendary enchants.
  5. New Server 6.0

    Another player here that won't be returning to NA as 6.2 with gear hand outs + no new server is the steepest uphill battle in this game's history. Going to keep playing on the EU fresh server and giving gameforge my money. Imagine finding a way to be worse than that company.
  6. New Server 6.0

    Implying NA Aion is going to have a long run. Only region to not add a new server for a patch designed to attract new players btw.
  7. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    You can't reroll stats on gear that has fixed stats. Only PVE drops, PVE golds you can buy with PVP currency and PVP ultimate (not crafted) tier has non-fixed stats.

    An overused cliche is not an argument. Incorrect. If you have played 6.x (ofc you haven't) you would know that pvp gear is time-gated to weekly camp quests and daily kill quests. Again incorrect. Kahrun was added at the exact same time as the 3.0 patch release which made the game f2p. It thrived during 3.x and saw a net influx of transfers TO the server as it boasted a ton of pvp. It wasn't until 4.5 EB online when the entire NA population plummeted that it died off. This was because the players themselves chose to self-merge the servers by congregating on Siel. It's not Kahrun's fault NCsoft failed to maintain their 3.x population due to a series of increasingly bad patches. Shutting down the servers is slightly more harsh than a merge Again, incorrect. If you want to make an argument it helps to actually not be misinformed. Several privileged EU players were given early access to the PTS and free items to test and provide content to the player base at large. Wait.. that's just like how NA will be with welfare vets and new/returning users on the same server in NA. If they don't add a server it will be due to negligence not intelligence. Failure to act with 6.2 will just prove NA is in maintenance mode, only kept alive by their Korean hosts who have a population big enough to still justify creating content. The funny thing with that is KR itself is becoming a ghost town. When does a declining game start cutting its parasitic guests?

    Here comes the 1k+ forum posters. Always full of sarcasm and devoid of actual arguments. I guess you can't boost your post count as easily by contributing in a useful manner :^) You 1k+ forum posters only stated argument I've found is "muh Kahrun, muh Beritra". Completely oblivious to the dying game around you. One wonders if you post on the forums more than you play the game. Then again the activity of these forums speak volumes about the activity left in the game. Server merges are inevitable for any game. To restrict the growth of an almost extinct game is incredibly short sighted when you consider the rare opportunity of a "game reset" patch like 6.x. There literally won't be another chance. NCsoft KR has completely transitioned to a highly microtransactional f2p model which puts this game in the true end-of-life stage. There's only so much juice left in this lemon. There's no more attractive gimmicks coming, no more reasons to even mention this game outside of Aion circles which are increasingly desolate. This is, to keep it dramatic, Aion's last stand and it sure would suck if what little hype there is gets negated by being 100% hostile to new/returning players.

    People still using beritra as evidence that new servers are bad... It totally wasn't because it was added during the worst period of Aion in existence. I'm pretty sure that server stopped a chunk of people from completely abandoning the game for good during those dark times. It doesn't even matter if the new server dies as the attempt to revive the game is more important than "inconveniencing" the existing player base. Without one, NA Aion just maintains its status quo of being a 10 year old game that is hostile to new/returning players just circling the drain until NCwest fires their last Aion staff member. Gameforge has 6.2 in less than 2 weeks and we don't even have an acknowledgement that 6.2 exists here. How about some numbers from KR? Guess which two servers were added with 6.0:
  11. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    KR does events where you can get xform contracts similar to how all the other p2w items are obtained nowadays. It's enough to give the fanboys ammo to pretend it's farmable but not actually in reality. It's nice that the EU PTS is finally opening people's eyes to 6.x. I tried to explain but it seems like clickbait yt vids were the main way people "informed" themselves of 6.x. Can't wait till people experience the gear disparity the handouts will cause as well as things like 20% pots, pvp currency "events", purple/red stones, manastones, instance resets and stat rerolls all being mtx'd to the max. Just remember, if you don't swipe you make NCsoft nothing besides being a punching bag for whales to have fun
  12. Truth about 6.0

    You know a game is dead when all that is left are lore friends
  13. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    P2W is not limited in 6.2 at all. In addition the effect of gear is significantly higher for each tier which amplifies the gear disparity between whales, vets and new/returning players. RU has many private servers with active communities that provide a better experience than retail. Just check out Aion on twitch where the RU streaming population dominates the category but it's all old versions or retail-like gameplay. That means on RU official there was only 1 populated server before 6.x and 1 completely dead server. They added a 3rd for 6.2 which obviously no one plays because there's a better private server that already has 6.2 and less p2w. As expected from this thread the only arguments people have are that it's failed before and selfish points as if your name and house are more important than bringing back a stable population. You know what else causes you to lose your name and house? NCsoft shutting down the game city of heroes style because your 1k post counts don't pay for server costs.
  14. Just LOL @ people getting +0 red PVP armor day 1 of the patch. People QQing about PVE gear too as if they don't know the quest gear from 75->80 allows you to do more than enough instances day 1. Gearing up in PVE through something called progression doesn't even take long in 6.x. You QQ cause handouts were too hard and you'll QQ again in 2 months because you exhausted the little 6.x PVE content there is. The hard requirements were a blessing in disguise but of course the NA playerbase who haven't even touched 6.x but watched a youtube vid once decided to shoot themselves in the foot. Better hope for a fresh server or the 5.x ghost town you all inhabit will continue to make NCsoft wonder if they should pull the plug on NA.
  15. 6.0 info

    It's not which is dumb because it disincentives world pvp outside of pvp mark dailies. Instead, on KR people p2w instance resets like dredge and gain millions of AP during the queue window.