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  1. Seems a bit funny but a few weeks ago you came to say that the event in Tiamaranta had not been enabled because you had found ' bugs ' and that they couldn't release the event that week. Two weeks after you start the event now answer me these questions: 1-You had time to fix any problems before the event. Because you haven't thought about value of the items listed in that time they had to fix the problem? 2-one day you will be able to make a really good event? 3-remember the day you announced the merger of servers. But the ultimate question is will the AION hold to your 19th birthday?
  2. In kamar...OPS Kamar has been deleted successfully.
  3. OK, let's understand once and for all the NCwest does not care about the community that has. Let's take a look at the posts throughout the week. They post the ads on maintenance but when the community starts to manifest itself in the forums they just continue to ignore the community. They simply do not care what the community needs because to them the money that you spend in: Prestige/Event ' s. So is it clear that these GM's don't care about what happens in the game. They will continue doing this job pig. Why? Because they continue to make money at the expense of players who spend fortune
  4. I've known the NCSOFT for a few years, and I saw what it did with "Lineage 2 ". Understand well, once and for all that she cares only about the money earned through ' NCoin '. I saw the ruin of lineage 2 and I know that maybe even the update on the 6.0 will not save this game, because its admins do not have time to answer anything, they just appear here to talk about withdrawal from something, or just talking about Blablabla ' Dc's massive In Evergale. It is simple to continue causing RIOT on the forum until they understand that we are here to play, not to be slaves of NCsoft.
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