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  1. Ninja Looters

    Ok, I'll move on an finally calm down. But doing group instances became really scary to me ._. people are mean
  2. Ninja Looters

    They said they would spread I was a Ninja to everyone so I'd be blacklist forever something like that.He sent me private messages saying "YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY", many times. Maybe it's an ALT from a guy with influence, head of the legion. This is the first time i experience this, so didn't got chat record, but I'll do next time. And... they'd be wrong taking my piece of cloth. If the rules was about me not getting anything, they shouldn't accept me when I said "I Really Need Money" or "Geared not allowed" They should have said "This run, u get nothing even there is sth so try with someone else"
  3. Ninja Looters

    It's a thread about game issues players to players, isn't what its the topic of this part of forum? Why would be closed or deleted. Yasmiin/RUKIAR-KT and Thokyo-KT, they threatened me because they r from One Piece Legion and have offended me by whispers , in group chat and LFG chat. And Called me Ninja ALL the time. I told them why I was in there since I came in the instance, it was because of kinah,I didn't have kinah for teleport! So You fight boss, help team win, and have no rights? They decide give away because they are friends, then I'm hand empty? It happens, sometimes I don't get anything because drops are for others classes, so I pass. I respect class roll, until the class owner says its ffa. I don't lie about my gear, should I? If the loot is for my class, why I'm wrong??? So Random Groups Rules is U get nothing even it's your class stuff, so why are there instances? I just suggest they change the loot system, because, if anyone want gear for their alts: GO with THAT ALT to the instance!
  4. Ninja Looters

    Yasmiin(RUKIAR) and Thokyo I go to FM,I was the only Cloth there, I went because I desperately need some money. In the Loot there was a legendary cloth pants , good! No! Yasmiim the chanter ,wanted to give it to his SM that wasn't even in the group! They called ME ninja looter and to threaten me, and even said they would tell the guild ONE PIECE that I was thief even It was my peace of Cloth! If his SM was in the group, yes for sure, It would be defined by roll. @Cyan Couldn't the system change so other classes couldn't loot like this? Like enable roll just for the classes it belongs to, unable for others classes?Or for someone, who didn't kill the boss, outsider, come in and get the loot? Please think about it. Thanks in Advance.