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  1. Drillbore, ravager cannon, riplash but for the bonus 7th stigma should it be steel storm?
  2. I still see +20 breakthrough skills and void dragon buff lasting 5 minutes and can be used at full hp, what the heck?
  3. In triple xp week it took me 1 hour and 50 minutes from level 1 to level 66, go figure why it seems dead below level 66.
  4. Atleast with current system everyone is on a level playing field with godstones, but this new minion toggle means the masses that don't have maxed grade A minions are gonna get done. How are new or casual players gonna compete in 6.0. Also those who got level 4 A grade minions are gonna get another, so they'll actually have double these toggle on affects widening the gap between the top tier players and the bottom tier. 6.0 is bad news, glad we still got like 8 months of 5.8 left.
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