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  1. Idk with ya'll guys but for me it's a limiting factor to enjoying this xp event. What do I do with all my xp when I run out of coins and the daily limit is set to 5 bags. Would you consider turning off the limit while we got xp event still @Cyan.. Seriously will help a lot of players like me
  2. For the love of our Aion life, please make this ice gem account tradeable. This would address all the problem about this event. Please @Cyan hear us out on this.
  3. Want some popcorn? Topped with cheeze. Sprinkled with more salt. You say you're an old player Jeez GZ for staying that long. However that doesn't warrant you trashtalking people without even reading the content of post. If you had, you would have seen the sarcasm when she said effort. Then again it takes effort to read. By that I bid you adeiu.
  4. Looks like someone made new account just to bstalk Aly. Maybe he got butthurt somewhere, so salty enough to get into the trouble of making new or logging in to new account. KED.
  5. Instead of posting the whole list of shugos to rescue, why not post the ones you don't need to since they're few and easier to remember. Also here's a better guide
  6. Ahh as much as Aion isn't really the game it used to be, it still is playable even without paying. So I, disagree on what you said that you need to pay to do anything. That's just not true in any sense. You can pay for better quality gaming. Doesn't mean you can't play decently without being p2w
  7. Ahh just logged into the game. Was trying to purchase extra steel rake bonus entry game with gold ingots. It doesn't allow us to buy. Nothing happens when you click purchase
  8. Dude, why you gotta blame @Cyan for this??? I get it that a lot of people want different contradicting things. Like one feels great for what cyan, said and another dislikes the idea. But did you ever stop to think thst Cyan is only the middleman here? He's not the one implementing stuffs. We're lucky enough we got one CM showing up here. Taking our griefs and talking it out to the higher ups. Let's not push away the single person who reaches out to us in the best way he can. Learn respect. A game is a game we can whine or appreciate it but don't resort to hurting and blaming innocent people.
  9. So I'm really confused with the way breaking down this item goes.The way it was before,if you breakdown a higher value item,it gives double of the lower one.Like the aethers before,gold breaks down into 3 blues,blue into 3 green and so on.But now when we breakdown the ultimate guiding stone you would need 2 of it to actually get 1 purple,and if you further breakdown it to yellow,you need 2 purples also.which doesn't make sense since red is supposed to be the highest,followed by purple and ancient.4 ultimate guiding stones will end up giving you only 1 ancient.In a sense ancient ended up bei
  10. @Cyan can you at least help us hold ranks atm? While there's no concrete solution yet,as it is,siege has been hard enough for the losing race,what more if we lose our xforms...Just at least till we find something to farm our gp. Or get the gp trader back + the shugo where we buy the item needed and make us at least turn in once a month? and then take it off again T.T. when you guys provide us more option of gaining our GP please consider this @Cyan
  11. a lof of us are still trying to complete our quests,now just GG
  12. Great ,just realy really great,a lot of us are still running to complete our 20 and 35 pumpkins,and now npc disappeared,pumpkins are gone.We're stuck with no rewards after wasting all our time running the event And even if you bring back the npc,we lose all the runs we could have made to finish our quest for the event.We had 5 hrs,just plopped. @CyanIs this how it's supposed to end?
  13. @Cyan-KTit would help really cause not everyone has that number of candy to do coe runs ,and rest of instances requires more gear...unlike before we had fissure,theo/adma.Now all the ungeared toons are stuck at ts 1x run per day :(..give us more instances to run this ..
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