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  1. Kromede's Revenge Event Reward List

    @Cyan could you at least make miniums tradeable just this once >.< Getting it a lot on alts and just getting wasted
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 25, 2018

    @CyanSo you guys plan to fix the reset for npcs at arties? Cause really we em minions. Will it b another week without reset as the last time? This has been happening a lot of times already
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 4, 2018

    @Hime please bring back skating motion at BCM please please
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 27, 2018

    @Cyan are we getting a fix on these weekly reset bugs ? Seems we got a lot ,even the free dice isn't there. you guys fixed when greywolf accs npc isn't there.We definitely need help on this
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 27, 2018

    @Cyan we need the to buy our weekly minions please>.It didn't reset so we couldn't buy.Fix it please
  6. Where is Gray Wolf Officer in Norsvold

    @Cyan we don't have the grey wolf accs npc
  7. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    I'm a cleric,and I had the same issue when I started way back in 2012.And because of that I avoided pvp,which is a really bad idea since it didn't fix anything..The thing with shaky hands is you get tensed,your reflexes stiff,you can't control the keys.You just hit every skill available ,end up using every cd and wasting it ,you stop using your head.You're just too scared to lose or die.The way I fixed it is I got someone to run with me everyday,go open world pvp.As much as I hated it,the guy I was with was always pvping,kata/danaria days..We pvp most of the days,everyday.One day I just got comfortable ,not scared anymore.It's just practice and practice and more practice.Don't run solo first till you get comfy.Learn to use skills at the right time.And never lose your head,if you're too scared or too mad or tensed,you lose .You make mistakes,think of it as if you die,it's just pixels,just a game .
  8. Do not expect any help from support

    maybe you can try forcing it to launch in 64 bit? rename your 32 bit folder in to anything and your 64 bit folder to 32 bit.A lot of players do this whenever ncsoft disable the 64 bit.Although you would have to do this every after maintenance as launcher will fix it .Not sure if this still works ,but you can give it a try
  9. 6.0 info

    so basically,if you upgrade harvester pieces,you only need to + 15 it ,if unupgraded,it needs to be + 25.Same goes for ap sets. And also bye bye for those who only have apollon sets.Oh dear, poor clerics who have 3-5 sets,how are they gonna upgrade all of it,or will it be wiser to just farm from scratch when 6.0 hits,at least for pve sets,while focusing on upgrading pvp healing sets
  10. 6.0 info

    okay will do,thanks
  11. 6.0 info

    So okay this is like 44 pages...can someone just answer my queries please. Most if not all gears we have atm will be trash right?But i heard level 80 ap ones,we get compensated? How ?I see people enchanting it to +20 and 25.Do we have to get it to certain levels to be compensated and if so is it worth it? same question goes for upgraded harvester gears.And also accessories lvl 80 ap and master harv.accs,we need to temper them? if I have 75 accs at tempering + 5,will I lose it ? if I upgraded accs but it is only tempered to let's say + 3,will I lose it too? Enlighten me please oh and by 75 accs I meant the ap unupgraded ones
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    hmm,maybe he's using that trick where you socket an archdaeva gear with these stones,enchant way past + 15 and try breaking it ..I've known people doing this and it gave back so much of those socketed stones especially if he has enchanted it that high enough,it will give him back a lot ,and we know how he can enchant gears to + 30 and up lol
  13. So with all the complaints,the rants ,tantrums,and everything else we can throw at this forum,I think we all owe @Cyan a little gratitude.Thanks for answering our QQ's,thanks for forwarding our requests.Most of all thanks for deleting your rage button when all of us here are just being an A--hole..:D I know you're just doing your job and people can say it's what you're paid for ,but really thanks,in behalf of all the daevas out there.