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  1. it was my mistake, but other region got rank everyday and they reward more fragment. 1 300 紫钻 2~3 200 紫钻 4~6 150 紫钻 7~10 100 紫钻 11~20 80 紫钻 21~40 60 紫钻 41~70 40 紫钻 71~100 20 紫钻
  2. So is there a ranking system like other region as well?
  3. I mean on total, NC will unbanned those ppl whoever p2w with no questions, but ppl whoever work so hard get least chance. I dont understand why they dont even care about hacks at all but EC. Is it really a big matter? You can get your fragments from pvp instance now, so I dont really think that EC is a big matter anymore, let them pay for it. So we got ppl keep playing the game, and as NC, you punished them by luna(money), isn't that way a lot of better, win win.
  4. Well, seriously, I don't know why they put the enchant rate like this, it's super low compared before 6.0, and in the same time, they make it so hard to grind or farm these enchant stone as well, make it even harder to gear up. People playing this game not for grinding exp or others, people want to join pvp or even pvp instance, while you can't even get the top gear in like a whole path or a year maybe??? Or this game just for those p2w players only?
  5. I am just saying 1 dollar for a reset of instance is not cheap at all, compare with all other regions.
  6. 5 dollar an ancient enchantment stone, what an easy money to make, ncsoft? Are you fking out of your mind???
  7. 5 dollar an ancient enchantment stone, what an easy money to make, ncsoft? Are you fking out of your mind???
  8. Well, I think there is a small patch for TW server, they called 6.7 to add on the crafting skillsbook and skillsbook enchant etc.
  9. As everyone received either email or you guys post the big Ad. on website, I mean, we don't really care about a mobile game. Instead of spending so much time on advertising your mobile game, how about do something in Aion. Game is dying soon, if you guys keep doing your "great" jobs. Taking care of players not only meaning we want to hear from you, also you have to do it. For all the things you guys being done is lower the successful rate on enchanting, and lower the chance to get the PVP enchantment stones. Make all the players can't gears up, I understand this is the way you guys want to kee
  10. Let's just hope this will happen in 6.5, OK? Don't expected too much or you will be disappointment more!
  11. RIP, Instagib was a great player and good person, I will never forgot the old days while we pvp/pve together, hope you find you peace in another world, we will always miss you. --Teacoffee.
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