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  1. i have not used that normally i have a private store ready to go so i can sit and say something. but i may use that. it works some of the time. i just wish that games like this could see and understand that some people.... maybe a large number maybe 5 people... dont like pvp make a piece of gear that when worn you cant pvp. and it cant be removed for 30 days or something. i would buy that. lol
  2. Forgotten - I do completely understand there would have to be a lot that goes into this type of add in. I agree that it could be exploited, but i also think that if they tried to make it right then it could be. My thing is I HATE pvp. simple. I do not go around talking crap. I ask as often as i can for no pvp. Some times they are nice enough to leave me alone and kill the next guy, but more often then not they kill me anyway and laugh. This inst fun. As far as my comment about dumb replies. I was expecting replies like " its a pvp game you should leave" " if you dont like it go cry s
  3. I am sure i will get a lot of dumb replies but I really do not like PVP. I do not want to PVP and will avoid it as much as possible. Some people have been nice and left me alone but most do not. So, this brings me to my suggestion. Can AION introduce Mercenaries so that those of us who do not want to PVP can higher bodyguards? They have an hourly fee? Can hold off an attacker long enough for us to escape? Anything would be nice. I am sure this could go alot of different ways and be alot of fun to have. Anyone else like this idea?
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