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  1. miniums/contracts account bound

    I wish we could give it away. I don't use a minion, don't care about them and, I get Minium anyway and just destroy it. Be nice if I could give it to someone that uses it.
  2. Aion Equipment System Update

    So if we have the stuff but, it isn't enchanted, we just loose it? WTF? makes no sense.
  3. Get Rid of Fissure of Oblivion

    Scrolls BCM or Broker and, if you get an Administrators Pass, then soul healing is just 1 Kinah. You can buy them on broker, get them as rewards or, buy them with Prestige Coin. Use the scrolls, practice, lean the instance or, simply don't do it.
  4. Evergale Canyon timetables

    This is the US servers, if you want to play on "Merican" servers, learn to live on "Merican" Time. We are 5 to 9 hours behind you on average so, for us, it's mostly at least half decent hours.
  5. Arena dodging

    I agree, once an opponent is found, that's it, you are getting in there, like it or not once you have applied. Apply, wait a minimum of 5 minutes before you can cancel if no opponent but, if you get an opponent, in you go, no other option.
  6. Buying Ncoin

    Last two weeks it's been giving me an error code and not letting me buy coin at all. Of course all NCFAIL will say is the system thinks it's suspicious. How so, I've used PayPal many times before and, taking my Prestige sub sure isn't suspicious. What gives? #GoodThingIHaveAnAmazonAccount
  7. Create a Guild of Legions

    Um, try a Union, terminology, to may, because of other games, Legion in Aion = Guild, the "G" being the access key doesn't help either, Legion is Guild, a Union, like the European Union, or a Federation, something less confusing for a name for the alliance of guilds, coalition of guilds, etc...
  8. That annoying fence at Sanctum broker

    #elyosproblem, #rubberbanding, Yep, I've been rubber banded into a similar pose a few times. LOL.
  9. Aethertech extendable

    While an aethertech might look like a melee fighter and a gunslinger an ranged fighter, they are MAGIC fighters, like a mage when it comes to gear. Extendable would do very little if anything for them.
  10. Cannot Regist XIGNCODE Module

    Did you follow the instructions in this thread? If so, try setting compatibility to Windows 8.1, it should work then.
  11. Microsoft Visual C++ RUntime Library

    Try a system file scan to make sure nothing is corrupt or missing: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
  12. 6.0 info

    I agree that paying customers should get something free players don't get. We should have a choice, farm and grind for it for free, or pay for the good stuff. As for storage, I can see no legion but, I don't see a reason for no account warehouse All that's going to do is make us have to mail items to alts. better would be keep the account warehouse and, make 90% of gear account bound, no way to unbind it. Then we'd farm up the lower level stuff since we could pass it on to alts of the same class.
  13. Double Rolling!

    I'm like you, I pass if I don't need the item being rolled on, if I do, I'll roll for it and hope I get it. I've never done take 1, pass the rest, you roll on what you need, pass the rest, leader gets items all pass on, extra pay for being leader by selling those things. Just today, people want to be greedy and roll on everything instead of passing what they don't need. Id we all passed what we don't need, then we'd all get a shot at what we do need. Of course if no one needs anything, then, just roll and sell whatever you get but, if someone needs items that might drop in that group, let the ones that need it roll and, the rest pass. Communicate, if you need a specific drop that might come, say so from the start, then be willing to accept the roll happily if others need the same item and, it does drop. No need getting upset over rolls, that's RNG at work, maybe next time it's yours.
  14. cant sell drops

    Perhaps an example: Say Character 1 is level 60 and, can sell 100 million worth per day. Character 2 is level 7 and can sell 1 million worth per day. (Sell amount per day is made up for the example.) Character 1 sells 10 million worth and could sell 90 million more that day but, Character 2 can sell NOTHING that day. The limit is per level but, sales count account wide so, a high level character can max out the ability to sell for lower level characters on the same account.
  15. Aion August Preview

    Pressing M opens the map that shows where quests are located. Opening the game launcher will download any updates. That usually happens on Wednesday. If that isn't what you are asking, then you need to rephrase your question so that we can understand what you mean.