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  1. basically two hits, run from the atrocity as far as possible across the room. Let the NPC heal you, or pot up, two hits, run. Takes a while but she will go down.
  2. PWI = Perfect World International - yes it's an open world, free flight game. (Elves fly from level 1, the rest at level 10) Fast flight needs an energy charge but, normal speed flight is unlimited anywhere in the world. You can choose to teleport or fly to new locations (zones) You can also swim and, one race even had an underwater form that speed swimming a lot. It's more or less what Aion could have been. PvP instanced and open world BUT, you can choose PvE and, unless you enable PK, you can't be ganked. There are mounts, skins, wardrobe, auction house, bank, all of it. It's what I wis
  3. Even PWI does flight better, tap key, fly ANYWHERE ANYTIME, fight in flight or on the ground, swim, fly underwater, suit yourself. And yes lots of wing skins, even one race that can fly from creation, the rest not until level 10 but, then, it's total free flight. I am one of the few that loved aerial combat, yes it's best for ranged classes which I prefer to play but, I don[t see why they took that from us. Okay take the Abyss but, then give us another place for aerial PvP - so much fun to fly over with my sorc and nuke the sin or the cleric that's on the ground or at a lower elevation LO
  4. Let me see, Bless, Revalation, Riders of Icarus - all have flight and, Aion USED TO. For us flight lovers, I'd say Riders Of Icarus now has the best aerial combat and, a great wold, it's a lot of what Aion could have been.
  5. Hey, if we can have that, can I haz a Redneck class too, we iz jus' gunna wave that there rebel flag at y'all and y'all gunna faint clean away fer fear the south'l rise again. LOL Makes about as much sense.
  6. Speed has very little to do with lag in the game. Latency (ping) is what causes lag in the game. You can have 25 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up as I do and still have a latency of over 7000 ms (milliseconds) in siege as one of my legion mates had tonight. When ping tops 1000, you get the blocky or pale blue silhouettes instead of the actual appearance of other players except the one or two closest to you, that's a latency problem, not a speed problem. About the only thing speed determines is how long it takes you to download an update for the game. I often lag to 1500 ms or so during siege - tha
  7. Yes, it has a hidden timer, need a 40% speed boost transformation to get it done, never mind other stats, use the speed boost - Luna Assassin works. It's always been that way but, before 6.2 we never noticed because base speed was usually enough and, we had running scrolls up just to travel the distance to the quest form the quest giver. Now, it's obvious with no running scrolls and high dollar transformation scrolls.
  8. Or just tradable on your account, on the same server. I have 5.2 bil on DN, 13 Mil on KT and, 1.2 mil on EK. On DN it's on one toon, 1 on KT, split between 4 on EK. What difference does it make which toon on a server has the kinah? I don't have any more on a given server if one has it all or 4 have a tiny bit each. I can only play one at a time, so why can't that one have all the kinah?
  9. Only cure is active 24/7 GMs two or three per server at all time banning bots and gold sellers the instant even ONE person reports one. NCSoft isn't going to pay people to do that so, it won't happen.
  10. first make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and, you have rebooted your computer. That's usually out of date drivers or Aion.bin hung in memory, so an update and reboot usually fixes it. If not you'll have to submit a ticket to support.
  11. Oh now we get a ghetto tagger/gang kids. How nice NOT LOL
  12. exactly, yes no inflation because no sales allowed. Crafting is pointless, you can't craft for alts, so you are supposed to spend a fortune to craft an item ONCE?!?! Grinding for Kinah pointless, can't give it to alts and, well after 80, it takes maybe 2 hours to run out of things to do. Fix a game by removing 90% of why people played for hours, week, months and years? Makes no sense.
  13. I agree Kinah and crafting mats/crafted items need to go in account warehouse. I get not trading otherwise but, on your own account on the same server?!?! Makes no sense, I don't have more if my alts have it or my main, doesn't matter, I have the same kinah and same mats/items regardless of which character they happen to be on at the moment.
  14. Then there is that loosing, no hope of pulling it out and, not wasting scrolls and pots for loosing so yes, at that point a lot of people will afk until it ends.
  15. I agree, I see the point of not trading kinah player to player on different accounts but, I see no reason for blocking it from being transferred between characters on the same account and server via the account warehouse. What does it matter which of my characters on a given server has the kinah? I can't play but one at a time so, why shouldn't that one have all of the kinah for the account while I play that one, then another have it when I switch characters? It isn't making any more kinah for me regardless, I still have xxx kinah on that server, regardless of which toon it's on at the moment.
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