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  1. I remember when I first started playing Aion and made it to Verteron and came across the giant crab that circles the main area thinking "oh this will be awesome!" It was always followed immediately with the crab scraping me off of its claw... I bet that's what is creating the problem. That crab just never seemed to want to die.
  2. That's probably my biggest pet peeve about Aion now. A few years ago, I used to have fun with a legion getting parties together and levelling, especially without the OP gear that's handed to you at lvl 10. It's like the devs looked at everything below lvl 65 and went "well, we need players playing end-game, let's make it possible to skip all this in a day." The game just isn't that much fun knowing that I'm going to be lvl 65-75 in a few days if someone just grinds the crap out of instances. It's not geared toward casual players anymore.
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