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  1. 6.0 info

    Ok thank you very much for your quick response c: I'll most certainly farm certain skins/petals I love from zones going away soon just in case they will retired ^^
  2. 6.0 info

    I have two questions regarding 6.0, partly due to my glamour obsession in Aion :'D First would be what the glamour system is like, is it the same? Or have there been tweaks to the system such as keeping alive certain skins? Part of my concern with this is due to my assumption that certain skins only available in soon-to-be deleted zones will become retired. For example: Lv30 Daevanion armor and weapon skins where the quests are completed in Eltnen/Morhiem and Lower Abyss. Second question would be the dying system. What will happen to the dye petals considering essence-tapping will be removed? Is there a new system in place for Dying outfits? With Morheim going away, I'm tempted to stock up on as much Vinna petals as I possibly can :c
  3. How to obtain Pure Void Dragon King's?

    Yeah, I've checked the Shugo sweep rewards since it was mentioned a bit and noticed it's one of the rewards of the golden card... Pity. I think I'll pass on the payment of money to achieve this goal of mine. To me, the weapon will feel more rewarding spending a couple months saving the kinah than swiping a credit card and getting it in an hour. Thank you for your response though ^^ I shall definitely watch and wait for prices to go down~
  4. How to obtain Pure Void Dragon King's?

    I see, thank you very much for your response ^^ Guess I'll have to save up several billion to just buy the weapon box knowing my luck with these event rewards :c
  5. So I came back quite recently and found out just now about the Pure Void Dragon King's weapons. I was never a fan of the Water/Thunder/etc Dragon King weapons, but this... THIS Void dragon; I gotta get my hands on the staff. Does anyone know where the weapon box is obtained from?