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  1. Please reconsider changing the siege times. For many of us, the current time is on the late side and if it is changed, we will no longer be able to attend due to having to go to work/school the following day. Also, if you could consider changing the siege schedule altogether so that we don't have 7 forts go live all at once that'd be great. It has taken a lot of the fun and competition out of sieges.
  2. Half of all the NPCs are not working. One trade broker shugo works but the other doesn't. Warehouse NPC doesn't work. Gold Sand Traders not working. Stormwings not working. Some bosses not working etc etc etc. Siege should be interesting. Hope everyone has teleport scrolls!
  3. It is so hard to lose someone so suddenly. My thoughts are with you and his loved ones.
  4. "Bags of Ice can also be found in the following zones: Cygnea, Enshar, Levinshor, Kaldor, Iluma, Norsvold. If you find a Bag of Ice you can open it to receive either an Ice Pick or Ice Block." Mobs are ONLY dropping Ice Blocks, NOT bags. Also saw people saying that ice picks were not dropping in instances every time.
  5. I have not gotten nutrients on my main for over a week now....was hoping the maintenance would fix it....but it didn't. Both the alts I have logged into still receive them.
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