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  1. I demand shard be lowered to 16k kinah per 1k stack or else i'm suing for emotional damage
  2. Why can't this be our cost? Why you hate us? Why??
  3. It's a good thing that no one cares about what you think. Whenever you see people doing PvE/PvP they are in a candy because if not they're bringing themselves and their own team down. If you're not doing PvE/PvP then you won't be in candy. Same applies for the transparent transform contracts. I simply can't fathom how it's so hard for some players to grasp. Sure the new transform system isn't amazing and perfect but I for one am pretty happy I won't be seeing only nyerkin pandas, fox or sheeps roaming around doing OWPVPVE. Something else to look at while I kill.
  4. How brain dead do you have to be to think that? Majority of players already didn't when using panda/fox candy. You already never saw your character, stop finding something to be mad about and wait for patch day.
  5. It's fine, I have a friend memeing it up in my discord for me. I can't play Aion but at least I can enjoy me being the center of memes for an hour
  6. I wish it was that simple for me. You meddling youngings have it easy with the 1709 ?
  7. ISP - Comcast and Verizon (2 houses). Antivirus/Firewall Software - None, disabled Windows Defender for Aion. VPN and External Software - None. Date & Time - Literally any time of any day, EST. Frequency - 100% Character Name - None Server - None Description: On the new Windows 10 update 1803 XIGNCODE3 doesn't allow my game to run. It starts and has a "regist" error. I reinstalled Aion, same error. I reformatted my PC with update 1803, same error. I reformatted to 1709, Aion works again. Updates to 1803 on the 1709 reformatted SSD, same error.
  8. Seems like an issue with the website itself, I tried on 3 different browsers.
  9. Nope. Everything I said pretty much applies. Reread it a few times I'm sure you have critical thinking skills enough to comprehend it. Pull the plug in all Aion events till they give omegas/temperings/master harvester only seems to be the only way to please NA lulululul
  10. Giving players what they wanted for free is bad business. Not to mention if everyone +15s in a few weeks with an event everyone just gets bored and prices get nyerked. Understandable, you want to enchant your shit. Do it overtime instead of complaining for an event you have a choice of not partaking in if you think it's so dumb.
  11. People who play private servers don't play because leveling is hard. People play private servers because the current game is too different from old Aion and they don't consider it enjoyable anymore. Literally no one gives a damn about how easy or hard leveling is.
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