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  1. Time to say goodbye to GameGuard?

    Awful anti-cheats like Xigncode spy at a low-privilege level which means any competent cheat coder can easily bypass it. The only people Xigncode successfully spies on are legitimate users. Popular plug-and-play anti-cheats don't work on any game period. The only moderately successful anti-cheats are all proprietary and exclusive.
  2. 6.0 info

    Like I said, people had kaisinel transform day 1 of 6.0. There is no lack of transform contracts if you swipe. The first month of 6.0 had a 50 stack of contracts in the cash shop on sale with a bonus of 3 guaranteed ancient contracts. The only content from the top afreeca streamers for the first week was pvping and logging into their viewer's whale accounts to gamble away 1000s of contracts for the kaisinel transform. As soon as the free legendary/ancient candies expired 1 month after 6.0 release the population halved because there is simply no way to farm transform contracts reliably as a f2p. Making it even harder to get kaisinel in 6.5 is just making the problem worse.
  3. 6.0 info

    To use the transforms in 6.x you will need to buy scrolls anyways. The ones that don't change appearance are so cheap that everyone uses them. Also new transform vid if people still don't understand how broken the pvp side of our game is about to be. At least watch 10min+ and understand that he's wrong about it not being obtainable from the cash shop in KR, whales had the ultimate transform from day 1 by dropping thousands in the cash shop. Even if it was easily farmable in NA (it won't be) so that we could all be on an even playing field, we would all be capped at 12.0 m/s with it so any speed buffs/classes that depend on speed are heavily nerfed.
  4. 6.0 info

    6.5 is pretty weak imo. Desperately needed new pve/pvp content but they completely failed to address the transform p2w issue. In fact, they actually made the transforms slightly stronger and made getting higher tier transforms more expensive.
  5. 6.0 info

    If you can swap gear for a set of orange pvp gear in 6.x it will almost 100% be worth it to farm right now, especially if you can do it as a f2p. There's only a few rare scenarios where I can see it being better to start from scratch in 6.x. This is also the same reason I advocate for no gear swaps or at least a fresh server. New players going to nope out of here real fast when the veteran handouts crew 3 shots their entire group and they realize gear equality is a 6 month grind or heavy swiping during our inevitable p2w cash shop events.
  6. NCSOFT is going to disspoint us again?

    Thanks I try to give more detailed opinion even if I'm pessimistic. The "opinions" I see on 6.x are really shallow and aren't informing the community properly but I'm over it. The part of the community that would direct this game back towards the original style is essentially gone. The ncwest team for Aion is bare-bones and we are all just along for the Korean mobile ride. Enjoy the first couple weeks of 6.x where we have candies and old faces to play with because any higher expectations will probably leave you disappointed.
  7. Aion 6.x Enchantment Success Rates (By Kelekelio)

    Ehh sources for getting legendary/ultimate enchant stones are very limited in 6.0 if you don't swipe. It's like the old system where 1->10 fails are just -1 and 10->15 fails go back to 10. I'm pretty sure most people will be mainly using f2p-accessible ancient stones and legendary/ultimate stones for important points like 10 and ~12-15. Then using a bit more legendary/ultimate as the tier of their gears go higher than ancient.
  8. 6.0 info

    That sin is missing like 4k attack cause he's in quest gear and no manastones. Attack is additive so the difference between AA/skills isn't much different once you are geared. The PVE gear you are comped for is pretty easy but the PVP gear takes a long time as it's time gated.
  9. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    It's over folks. Direct your anger to finding a new game/private server because you are going nowhere spending time playing an NCsoft game in 2018. Community solidarity through cancelling prestige or complaining to NC Korea will do nothing as it hasn't for 9 years now. Want proof? Here's two petitions to the South Korean government to take action against NCsoft for their underhanded scummy cash grabs in recent months. https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/104938 https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/104894 If 3600 and 2000 verified Koreans complaining about NCsoft did nothing (they've actually made the game even more p2w) I don't see how anything is going to change.
  10. 6.0 info

    Unfortunately there is no way to farm Quna in game. You can get about $1 worth from one time quests but that's about 2 instance resets worth of quna. The trading agent is just an out of game access to broker like most modern mmos have. Weapons, armor and wings will only be tradeable skins no actual gear. Skill related = stigmas and stigma strengthening stones which are tradeable. Manastones, enchant stones from the cash shop and new crafting mats are tradeable. The new broker is essentially people trying to sell tradeable cash shop items at a premium. You can buy kinah directly from the cash shop but if you sell p2w only items on the broker you can fleece the f2p for a little bonus.
  11. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    It's sad a game as shit as Bless is something I look forward to now.
  12. 6.0 info

    Whales on the fresh 6.0 포에타 server have finally managed to reach 궁극 pvp weapons after the p2w cash shop event: http://aion.plaync.com/characters/01057-000Nq5 The weapon alone is time gated to at least 13 weeks of 100% 태초의 결정 farming. He's also got full 전설 pvp accessories which would be another 9 weeks of farming. So ignoring everything else like 리디움, AP, +15 costs this guy has managed to farm 22 weeks of pvp gear in 9 weeks of server uptime using the cash shop events. Your alt army and time spent in the game amounts to nothing in 6.0 because of the limited player economy and sidestepping normal progression is only achievable through the cash shop. Instance resets are incredibly cheap but only obtainable through cash shop. The stats this guy has might not mean much if you haven't played 6.0 but 13.3k attack and 6.9k crit is insane. 1.1 attack speed w/ polearm and 12.0 run speed is understandably broken game design and you don't need to play 6.0 to understand this. Combine the two and this guy is a f2p slaying juggernaut. Sadly, playing on KR and keeping tabs on this patch is bittersweet. The underlying game, besides new transforms, is in a much better state if you preferred 2.x/3.x/early 4.x Aion. Unfortunately progression and replayability has been perverted by the freemium mobile game model which heavily detracts from all the improvements in 6.0. The KR population has fallen off a cliff and I'm not expecting NCWest to do any better preventing this when they lack the ability to even execute a simple tia eye event without seeing $$'s in their eyes.
  13. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Welp this was an underwhelming return to the game after a 3 year break. I actually thought the abysmal state of MMOs + 6.0 hype would make this game playable again but I forgot how bad NCWest is... thanks for reminding me to not even bother dropping upcoming games to try your new patch.
  14. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Just came back since 4.5 EB online for some nostalgic eye pvp and ncsoft shows they haven't changed one bit 👌