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  1. Why not make it so they are teleported outside fortress area, treat it the same as if you log out in a fortress you don't own. While punish all characters by forcing us to return to Obelisk. Also its unfair to start a season and let it run for 3 weeks and change it like that. Some people's motivation is for luna.
  2. Atleast he spawned, Katalama we are still waiting for it.
  3. Aethertech can still equip leather so if no gunner they can wear magic leather pieces from PvE and PvP. In theory Genesis Crystal ultimates can be better but you have to tune it like a lot, and even with selective tuning that’s gonna cost a lot of Luna. Crafted is the way to go.
  4. If that guy did PayPal can do chargeback but that will get account banned.
  5. The thing is NCsoft West purposely nerfed the event. In the databases it shows the PvP stones were cheap like 50, 150 for legendary and ultimate.
  6. Messed up event this is, haven’t seen one shugoling and we are expected to kill 10 per day.
  7. What does that mean Katalam has better or worse luck than Ereshkigal.
  8. Why should it be a luxury to look at our characters the way its suppose to be. Why have 2 graphical updates to look like animals or heavily outdated 9 year models with low resolution. Give a survey for transparent transformation scrolls while a fix to make them cost kinah is implemented later. Same deal goes for shards, give us upfront 50000 shards and give NORMAL price fix for them later on. This is feasible.
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