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  1. I have combined prime runestones before and I got prime.
  2. I combined 2 prime runestones and got a normal attack runestone wth!
  3. Assassin's buffs consumes a great amount of mana and they only have 1 skill to recover mana (Slayer of Darkness), which isn't enough to fill the mana bar. Other physical classes have their mana drain skills example gladiator, ranger, vandal and im not sure if templar also have. so why not give assassins a mana drain too? if you're an assassin please comment how you deal with this. my mana pots consumption takes about 300 pcs/week if grinding
  4. The Experience Extraction cost 580,997 kinah each piece, so if you want to gather many experience marks you will have to spend too much.
  5. Is this even a game when you can't even move because of server lag? Am i playing this game or the game's lag playing with me? fix this guuuuuussshhh so irritating.
  6. I do not know the real reason why the developer removed the kinah trading. But, please let us transfer our kinah from another character of our account through our own warehouse.
  7. My brother changed my character's name from FirstAid to Aidick im really mad about it because it contains nudity for having nyerk in the end of the name "Aid" and "nyerk" combines and become Aidick. Now i can't change it because i have no name exchange ticket left.
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