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  1. Please bring this skin to the store

    Empyrian Crucible?
  2. Godstone Extraction Tool

    who knows where to get Godstone Extraction Tool?... I know I encountered a shugo/shulack selling this before but i forgot where.. I accidentally socket my Volantes Strike GS (200KK in broker) to my 10+ Elite Fledging Weapon
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 18, 2018

    @Cyan I thought it's triple exp but why it shows 200% in homepage?
  4. Strange prices in broker?

    Ahahahaha good thing i saved 100 pcs of those >.<
  5. Useless mats

    Maybe replace them with spinel medals or anything worthy for gearing up
  6. Invasion...

    @cyan is there anyway that invasion can be held on sat and sun?
  7. Useless mats

    NC had many great event in the past like nightmare circus, shugo imperial tomb, etc. I hope next time they put an event they won't include all useless stuffs like recovery pots which u can buy in broker for a pretty cheap price. @Cyan put at least some materials that would help us in the end game content. All your events are getting crappy and loot rate is really bad.
  8. EXP boost in FTS

    Is 200% exp boost in Fast Track Server removed? or what? NC should've make any announcement about it -.-