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  1. who knows where to get Godstone Extraction Tool?... I know I encountered a shugo/shulack selling this before but i forgot where.. I accidentally socket my Volantes Strike GS (200KK in broker) to my 10+ Elite Fledging Weapon
  2. @Cyan I thought it's triple exp but why it shows 200% in homepage?
  3. Ahahahaha good thing i saved 100 pcs of those >.<
  4. Maybe replace them with spinel medals or anything worthy for gearing up
  5. @cyan is there anyway that invasion can be held on sat and sun?
  6. NC had many great event in the past like nightmare circus, shugo imperial tomb, etc. I hope next time they put an event they won't include all useless stuffs like recovery pots which u can buy in broker for a pretty cheap price. @Cyan put at least some materials that would help us in the end game content. All your events are getting crappy and loot rate is really bad.
  7. Is 200% exp boost in Fast Track Server removed? or what? NC should've make any announcement about it -.-
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