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  1. Chanter pure dps,pure support or both ?

    What he meant was before going supp spec check your group’s stats, if they are capped or near cap stats then might as well just go pure dps as your buffs wont help that much and at the same time you’ll be lacking dps. In other words if your group has capped stats dont get a chanter loljk.
  2. Sealed argent manor drop rate?

    Maybe Im just unlucky with Rank A’s but rank S if I remember correctly gives a guaranteed mythic armor. Will do more runs. And mind me asking what level did you use when it dropped? Level gap might be the issue. Thanks for the info Ikr! I’m after the headgears and wings.
  3. Sealed argent manor drop rate?

    Yes I do, according to rank. It just gives out manastones and the white ore you use to exchange the eternals to mythics outside. Dont remember if it gave me relics as I have them stacked.
  4. Not sure if anyone still does it but I havent been getting anymore armors or wings drop in the instance with rank A (usually you get eternal not all the time but they drop pretty good) so I did rank S and I know this is suppose to be 100% mythic drop but still none, is it removed from the drop pool? Or a bug perhaps? Im farming using my lvl 71 sorc is it the lvl difference?
  5. Aion July Preview

  6. DN-E Farming Natural Magic Stones

    Never saw it any of my boards either. We’re only a few months away till they poof. Why not give us a chance here This section should also be changed to Housing and Profession without the S since you guys plan to remove the other craftings we all worked hard for Q.Q
  7. DN-E Farming Natural Magic Stones

    Or better yet include them in events? @Cyan
  8. Now that you mentioned it, it reminds me of halloween event last year (was the best event imo so far) brought a lot of players back along with those gold spammers.
  9. DN-E Farming Natural Magic Stones

    Sure thing! If anyone else here wants to farm them let me know your timings or if you guys already do farm let me join please Thanks for the info, I noticed while recruiting for Barthor he disappeared but no one killed him, do these boss have like a time limit?
  10. DN-E Farming Natural Magic Stones

    Thank you Bryos <3! Now all that’s left is to convince people to come lol.
  11. Hi guys, with 6.0 otw is there anyone or any group farming these? Would be nice if we can all get them before then, idk how the drop is though if it’s 1 per boss kill or 1 per char in alli.