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  1. Wow that mcrit seems pretty low, did you also have mcrit stats on your armor and helm? Cubic? Buffs? Minions? Scrolls? Mind me asking what armor you’re on? I think mcrit is like the end game goal, hard to reach decent % unless you’re running around wearing ultimate gears. Pvp wise you dont have mcrit from armor/helm if you’re using ancient/legendary.
  2. People wont complain about the enhancement rates if we had a lot of means of obtaining legendary pvp/pve at least, coming from someone with a losing faction, legendary pvp stones is so limited it’s a struggle to purify ancient pvp gear. Any other instances that give legendary pvp stones aside from EC?
  3. Yea either way just make it better than the daily ones ?
  4. I would support this, I stopped crafting for my legion members because we failed to trade 12 legendary kibriums (sorry im slow) so he sent it to broker again, once crafted I sold it to broker so he can get it and turns out someone else bought it lol. With the current system only way to help them for now is carrying them through dungeons, new players can learn their class more which will help them in the long run.
  5. I just turned in my taki weekly by collecting that wheel thingy and noticed the rewards in it is the same as the daily ones. Is that working as intended? I mean we get the key every 7 weeks, make it x7 lvl 80 manastones pls? ?
  6. Or to make things simple they can adjust the gold sink amounts instead ie (flight/tp, kinah shop, gold bar shop, stigma fees, broker fees). Idk how long they plan to adjust these costs, maybe when the new players have died of hunger.
  7. Or just remove the cost altogether ?
  8. Ikr, clearly they removed trade to prevent “stuff” happening, but really trades can still be done, kinah can still be transfered. A better system would do but this one’s just filled with flaws imo.
  9. With the current trade system looks like there’s no such thing as legion crafter or friends, everyone to his own? LF crafters to QQ with.
  10. Gear gap will always be there, we’re not doing a full hard reset on the gears anyway. It can be in any version of aion and old players will still win. If there’s no such thing as gear exchange ncsoft will see a glimpse of their death, I mean whats the point of playing if you’re going to start all over again? Worse is people might try other games and get hooked! Instead of whining old players got this old players got that, I’m more worried on the accessibility of enhance/purify mats new or returning players can get so they can be at least decent. Saving enhance stones during levellin
  11. Shoot! I don’t see any surama sets there. Anyone up for esso farm I need the chain set to finish my Morgana look from LoL. I wonder how the drop rate is for if youre lvl 65
  12. If you meant Greater supplements [mythic] let’s see. - Archives of Eternity - Loot from 3 bosses -Cradle of Eternity - Loot from 3 bosses + boxes in the library -Fallen Poeta - Loot from chest after killing final boss -Upper Abyss (Reshanta) one npc in artifact should be selling them. (Not sure if you buy them using bloodmarks/bloodmedals/kinah) And try to get instance entry boost to increase your runs.
  13. New player killer thread? Seriously? I felt the need to reply to this because before you attract new players make sure you take care of the old/current players. These new players will look for feedback and right now it doesn’t look promising. We worked hard to get end game gears and most of us are only at +15 then came the exchange rates that created confusions between whats pvp and pve, wings included in the exchange that never existed ingame. And the whole logic of why play when everything’s rendered useless at 6.x. So I think this is a way to give back and ammend all those miscomm
  14. Only people who want to be unique butterflies hates a huge supply to the economy, caeus was a godly thing back then and now everyone can have it, I even used them for skins ?. Screw the screwed economy.
  15. Im positive this set would appear on the BCM in the near future, would be nice to have the materials drop as event rewards. We cant craft them anymore in 6.x why not give us a last chance on this, take note all of our crafting system will poof as well as most of the aetherforge designs.
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