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  1. Fairly certain it is the A type minions. Theres only 6: ArchKerubel Modor Sheba Hyperion Kromede Viola
  2. But I did get manastones though. If you break gear +15 and above you will always get the manastones you put in as well as bonus manastones depending on enchant level so don't know where you get this idea that you don't get manastones from breaking gear because you do. If I did not get manastones from breaking gear, how then did I build up a siazable inventory of manastones. So let me get this straight you enchant the piece with manastones, and according to you don't get it back and you get it restored where you bad a net loss of manastones. Then you proceed to enchant it again with manast
  3. Multiplication of manastones isn't a bug though, its in the patch notes, I already directly told that to NCsoft. Please do explain how this is an actual bug? And you don't need to pay in order to break enchanted gear and acquire additional manastones. Just take a piece enchant it to +20, put manastones and break it and you multiply, simple as that in no way is it a bug that can be exploited. Why would Cyan close this thread as the topic is directed at the differing views NCsoft support have to what NCsoft Korea has, don't go on starting a witch hunt about me knowing Cyan's schedule.
  4. Your entire points are invalid because they are based on me abusing support which is not true. That is not the issue as support have an issue with me regarding multiplication of manastones and nothing else, they believe its a bug and I say its not a bug. We are in disagreement over the issue, like I said you are taken things out of context and trying to pin it on me.
  5. Funny that you say this, as when I talked to Ego I whispered him in private. He should have kept those whispers to himself and not share it and you have the audacity to call me out for lying? I didn't abuse support at all, they were fully aware and chose to rebox the item. I did not in any way force them or compel them to rebox the manastones. NCsoft support knows what is reasonable and allowed this so don't be blaming me. If it were not okay, then support should have picked up on this and said no so yes I am the victim of someone elses mistake. You're the one that needs to grow up and ac
  6. I don't own the IP, and the others in my residence don't necessarily play Aion but they do for othern NCsoft games and they were negatively impacted. And who are you to call me greedy, I played by the rules and ask NCsoft for clarification.
  7. I am responding to your statements and I am telling you I did play according to the rules. I am saying the NCsoft support team does not play the game, or play it so little they do not know about the manastone duplication by breaking gear which explains why they believe its a bug. Why do you have such a hate nyerk against me, I did nothing wrong. The others with the IP address I use did nothing wrong. None of deserve to pay for NCsoft support's lack of insight into the game.
  8. Ego was withholding the truth for me when I asked how he got many knowledge +12s and he demanded I answer him first when I was the one to first whisper him. I did not want him to know about reboxing. Give a reason why I needed to tell Ego about reboxing when he was already being dishonest with me.
  9. I'm saying the support team doesn't play the game missing that detail about manastone duplication is fair, as I missed that myself. Only months later was I told about it. Point is NCsoft support should know that mana stone duplication is not a bug but an intended game mechanic. I am punished because of NCsoft supports misbelief, that is why I am trying my best to reach out to Cyan, Hime and Gideon.
  10. NCsoft support view all forms of duplication as a bug/ exploit which is only achieved from cheating. They don't actually play the game so they have no idea that in patch 5.6, duplication of manastones were introduced. They have taken this action because they do not understand.
  11. Trust me its 100%, you can go in game right now and test it, but you always get back what you put in with a chance for more. Only if its below +15 where you may get less manastones.
  12. You actually don't know. You always get mana stones back. Its 100%, the only probability is the amount of manastones you get for each slot, see this image. NCsoft support did not know about the actual multiplication of manastones so when they did learn it, they assumed that it was a bug and I exploited it.
  13. Yes if the support team can understand that its not a bug, me and many others can get back to playing the game. Its just not right all of us should have to go through this cause the GM's didn't read the patch notes carefully. I didn't read the 5.6 patch notes carefully and only knew when someone told me like a few months after the patch came on.
  14. Kinda hard if I lost access to my main account to log online to support. You do realise that with reboxing you lose the manastone and swap it over for the +12 manastone selection bundle, so its not duplication as I didn't gain any additional mana stone. How about you give it a go and rebox mana stones or any item for that matter. You will be surprised that you can do it many times. Its worth menting its not my fault that the people who know about reboxing only a few actually know it can be applied for mana stones as well. But please this thread is about the different stances NCsoft s
  15. How did I scam the GM's if they knew I was reboxing manastones already? I even asked on the same ticket as well. I mentioned it, they mentioned it, and they confirmed they were okay to do it again. You do realise EVERYONE else has this right for any form of reboxing. No one has broken any rules, its just confusion on NCsoft support's part to believe manastone multiplication is the bug/ exploit. Nothing else is a factor.
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