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  1. in comparison arxaggelos needs to learn how to hack better https://imgur.com/l3JdSff
  2. https://imgur.com/a/nUOJtGS way to go. from 1.10min left to 2:52 sounds legit...
  3. I miss a smiley laughing with tears in eyes... Wasn't that mental gladiator on asmo side back in the days greek as well (forgot the name, sth with "K...." i believe)? Sure shows where prejudices originate from
  4. Gratz for ignoring the afk groups and undergeared groups part. More often than not you don't get good groups in evergale. At least I didn't 1. And who are you to judge that Aion has "flaws"? Just because it doesn't taste your particular style and how you want the game to be, doesn't mean that it is a flaw. Let me repeat myself, if you only want to pick the PvP part, you are always free to go to a private server, that has ONLY PvP. No PvE there. 2/4. It is people like you who think that only their way of enjoying the game (PvP only) is the only one that should be valid and i
  5. 1. You replied to 50% of the aspect brought up. The more important one being that full healspec is usually not needed. So you couldn't follow and process the textwall and thought I only repeated what you said. Grats. 2. Because Nyali asked specifically for master harvester gear. Nothing else to add. Even if you add more textwall. 3. HB set imho is pretty much useless. Even if you socket the whole set and weapon and shield with HB+3 stones, the max you can get is 12.3% increase of the base healvalue which is around ~400-600 HP for the top tier healskills that is getting healed additi
  6. 1. Realistically speaking it's best for the group if the cleric helps out with dps if he/she is not busy with healing. In most instances, with most groups that are geared enough to have master harvester gear, the cleric's are idling away their time >50% (except for maybe FM) of the runs. so realistically speaking, just because a majority of the clerics is runnign around with full heal spec and not dpsing, doesnt mean that realistically speaking its the only viable option nor the best. Maybe it would be the "best" if you are a sheep who cant think outside the box and doing what majority is d
  7. You don't really need an extra BoS set. 25k HP coupled with +6 (or +7) gray wolf bottom accessories is more than enough to survive everything without a problem. And if you feel uncomfortable at start, just use the 3rd option for healing, until you are more comfortable with lower HP
  8. 1. Well some people think it's disrespectful when you tell them they are not as good as they think they are, hence why I said that. So it's not "probably me saying sth disrespectful" but them "feeling hurt in their pride and thus thinking it's disrespectful". 2. In what way is it unbalanced to get a reward for beating the, at the moment, (arguably) hardest PvE instance, that gives reward that are needed for getting PVE gray wolf accessories as well. It's way more unbalanced that you would get rewards for "beating" AFK groups in Evergale, or random alliances with a geared premade in Everga
  9. The reason I said that you need a lot more Kinah for the dedicated DPS Staff is, that you need to enchant it to +20 and use Kn+9 Stones (only for the staff). Only then you will reach the MB cap in BoS/Open World pve http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/gearcalc/93827 However, you will gain >10% PvE attack, and even much more if you enchant further than +20. So, as a conclusion, if you are willing to spend the kinah needed, you should make 1. a staff for dedicated DPS 2. a mace (+15)+shield(+15, for the extra block, helps with most non elite mobs that are a bit annoying at times
  10. http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/gearcalc/93816 http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma If you want to spend a bit more kinah, you should consider a dedicated dps double master harvester staff +20 , as its a noticeable increase in pve attack % (and thus dmg) but that staff is, as mentioned before, not as good for healing as mace+shield
  11. If you have access to master harvester gear and gray wolfs, don't bother with HP stones. socket Kn+7 all the way and dps with with ur dots (double summons, chastise, erath wrath) while healing. works fine everywhere. you will have a noticable impact on your groups speed
  12. It's definately not affected by MBoost. Should be Magical Attack modified, but didnt test for MAttack yet
  13. What are you talking about, there always was PvE (e.g. Dark Poeta) and PvP Instances (Dredgion). Just that later more content (aka new instances) was added. That matter of fairness, don't want to sound disrepectful, btu how come only unkown "PvP"ers are complaining? All the known PvPers who are good enough to run FM don't complain. And if you only want PvP there is a well known option for it (known as !Aion), where you can PvP all day without having to bother with PvE
  14. Excuse me, you lost all credibility, because of the above mentioned points. Aion has always been like this: needing PvE to PvP. Just it was (almost) never an high-end instance that gave you the items needed. It was usually an instance that most people could manage somehow (like for evergales). That's not the case for FM. You cant beat FM with PUGs (usually) and you can't beat it average/casual people because you lack the burst for the Pelida/Ascension double spawn or the coordination. So how come you only mention FM??? How come you don't complain that you get omegas, tempering
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