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  1. Please dont talk about IQ with your horrid redaction skills.
  2. Let me get it clear, a girl identifies herself as a boy and want internet ppl pay for her unicorn dreams? No, I pass. @eze-KT post is a much better cause.
  3. Also, the amount of morons that call anyone better geared that them a "p2w" even if said person has put money or not.
  4. I did like, 4 instances runs yesterday and got 3 picks so, RNG bro
  5. Some months ago, there was a minion contract+ minium in the bcm if im not wrong, but I can't remember why.
  6. There'd a big reason GF can put so many event things: they are a third party, so, things go like this *"Well NCsoft, we are paying to you to have the rights, so let us do whatever we want with Aion"* Unlile us, NA servers are part of NCSoft, so we must play by whatever koreans want. Also, communitu here is weird, when we have some event related to a exclusive instance (Kumuki as example), people goes "end this event, there's no people to run regular instances", when we have events like actual one, " end this event, I don't wanna run those inatances".
  7. This is what you get after ignore the "may change" part and come to moan in forums. This is why we can't have nice things.
  8. Could it be the sunayaka one from the eye event?
  9. Peeve: being contacted by friends just because they need a favor (or money). Also: get interested on a girl and she doesn't state that has boyfriend and keeps your game going.
  10. You forgot to give yourself a like. Arxa, you don't help if you start an evergale asking for kick someone else, im gonna check the fb group where Zero posted that pic and edit this post later. Edit: [removed images]
  11. Something something russians, euros and coe.
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