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  1. Both crowns and cosmetics are valuable. Not to be a crybaby but can we have both? I thought the KR pass comes with 7 crowns and a cosmetic item. NA always seems to come with a nerfed version of the rewards (e.g. Gojira event KR had level 90 stones). I would also like to suggest an idea of having survey sent out to players in game to vote on cosmetics they would like to see. The skins on store/pass are decent, but in game you'll hear people begging for other ones like denku/dream fairy skins.
  2. please fix your game 1. merge servers 2. release 1.5 3. advertise for aion (using non-existing aion streamers / youtubers). You need people with large following to start writing positive things about this game. 4. act faster / communicate more frequently on ap ban waves 5. send survey out for community to give you event ideas and rewards.
  3. FWIW I am a siel asmo player. We seem to be talking in circles. You all seem to think that the server merge will dramatically impact siel balance whereas I'm saying it will not. Anyways I agree to disagree, moving on.
  4. TBH Aion classic 1.2 is a lackluster patch, this forces players to pretty much grieve each other at end game for AP. I think this will change with 1.5 dredge, DP, and kromedes trial, 1.7 fort instances, and 1.9 arenas and new pvp instance. Koreans get to do chaos and discipline 3 times each a day. Plenty of things to do to keep active. Check out this stream and his other past broadcasts.
  5. What healthy server lol? Siel lost over 2k players since it started. And IS is NOT the lightweight server everyone hoped for. And if you read my posts, my uber point is merging would not impact attendance that much. Anyways I'm done with this topic lol. We have too many selfish players that think like NC rather than hearing the outcry of IS players wanting to transfer to siel.
  6. OP had one concern only which is the lack of players to group with for content, which merging the servers WILL solve. The thread got derailed from the discussion that NCSoft will never merge the servers because population is balanced in their eyes, and merging would favor elyos in siege. Again, as I mentioned we keep talking on and on about total world population being the single deciding factor when it comes to balance. The reality is asmos on siel have more attendance and more 50's. MXJ likes to attribute the lack of elyos attendance to laziness, but it could be due to other factors li
  7. I don't care about microscopic movements happening at the individual level. Players leaving for another faction because they want an advantage, players wanting to quit the game for personal reasons, whatever. I'm saying at a macroscopic level, merging is the solution to the hemorrhaging of players on Israphel. The point is both factions can't find people to group with for content, and sieges are skewed terribly in favor of elyos. Unless, we get a tremendous influx of new players, merging IS the solution. No one is trying to please siel Elyos here. All I'm saying is that merging the s
  8. Again throwing hypotheticals out of your ass. And cherry-picking logs based on population rather than actual attendances from the past 3months. Attendance numbers alone show that merging the server would provide even attendance at siege. In a siege of 1200 vs 1100, no it wouldn't make a big difference. Clearly you've never been in the underdog faction of asmo siel either.
  9. 100 players extra on one side when you already have 1000 each on siel is not going to make a difference. I rather bit slightly underhanded in the short term in siege than watch a whole server and game go to shit because of lack of population to group with.
  10. You're kidding me right? You do know the only reason elyos have roah and asteria is that asmos don't bother with it since we don't want the pvp buff, and we get repeats right? So elyos are left with the forts nobody wants like outers and lowers. No offense but you're spitting hypotheticals out of your ass "The only reason Siel is "Asmodian Dominated" is because the Elyos are lazy and disorganized. Elyos have already shown that when they actually show up and coordinate with each other they're perfectly capable of winning." The same can be said for asmos when you don't win its because
  11. I don't know what weed you're smoking but the the abyss forts have been asmo dominated since classic launched. When was the last time elyos have taken a inner fort?
  12. The logs support even numbers after merge.
  13. Siel is Asmo dominated though. So if we merge the two servers , it would pretty much balance out. Asmos would probably be the slight underdog in terms of numbers but Siel asmos have always been the underdog throughout aion history.. but the quality of pvp players more than made up for that.
  14. Why wouldn't NC merge servers though? 1) lowers server cost from having to maintain 2 servers to 1 server 2) maintain one active, healthy server ===> more players to group with, existing players stay, new players see the game is active and want to join VS two separate, dying servers ==> people see the game is dying, existing players leave, no new players want to join @Kibbelzcan you help suggest this to executive team?
  15. +1 to merging servers. If you look at Japan or Taiwan, they have a single server but with population more than siel + israphel combined. It is thriving there MyAion
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