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  1. PvE: - tiamat stronghold - dark poeta - DLR - DR - old DD I also miss the old pvp instances PvP: - arena of chaos - arena of tenacity (solo) - arena of harmony (when you got randoms queing) - forgot the name, but the alliance one that looks like EB
  2. Thank you Kibbelz and team for fixing the enchantment recipe bug and bringing in the minion promotion event. Please don't let us players discourage you from continuing to give us events / fixing events that were broken. At the same time, Aion has been on a rapid decline since 6.0, largely summed up to P2W events with no way for F2P/casual spending players to catch up, probably best summarized in this article (https://bluntlyhonestreviews.com/2020/10/07/is-aion-worth-playing-in-2020/). As someone who spends thousands on this game and enjoys pvp, aion's current population and the small ha
  3. The daily log in dropped significantly since last week without event and this ping issue for west coast players, ncsoft needs to get their act together or this game is dead...
  4. Ping went from 53ms on average before the update to 150ms, bouncing up to 223ms. This is with WTFast... this is unbearable for west coast players. Please move back to a central location to be fair for both west and east coast players. I believe AWS server pricing is the same in different regions....
  5. How are you helping to improve the PVP scene? At least I'm here offering solutions, you're just complaining about the status quo
  6. Also please include the celestial weapons and dp skill books as rewards in more future events. Also, the 1min 10k shield pots should be more accessible (they should be as accessible as transparent transformation contracts as an example).. these are equivalent to the anti-shock scrolls back in 5.x and were as common as greater running scrolls... These are game breaking and if you miss an event, its pretty much GG.
  7. Why are you even playing this game if you don't enjoy pvp? Pve content in aion is rubbish, even the end game pve instances are to get pvp accessories. That said, the solution to that is just to make a content driven event where everyone wins. Loser gets an ancient xform contract or something of that sort, but you afk you get nothing.
  8. Whats the big deal with ultimate xforms anyway? Its a 500 crit strike, a 10s buff, and stat increase, but nothing gamebreaking over a legendary transform. I think its the right move that nc made where 12 legendary xform yields a red xform automatically but you should make it a regular feature of the game instead of restricting it to events. I do however think we should make legendary xforms more accessible.
  9. If you could bring back arena of chaos/glory/tenacity in the form of events, that'd also be really cool. First & second place could get a legendary transformation contract thats brokerable. This isn't in favor of free players with no gear directly, but just by having more supply of these in the broker would drop the price and make them more accessible to others. The players that win in pvp probably won't need them anyway. But we need more events that encourage people to play and give them a reason to gear up, can't have people spending thousands just to afk around in ingi/gelk.
  10. Another idea is to spawn a raid of monsters against the factions home base (ingi/gelk) every day at 6pm pst. 10 waves of 100 monsters each. Each monster killled drops loot ranging from exp mark to legendary transformation contracts (see above list). Or even better do this in silentera so it promotes pvp. Even if event doesn't require you to directly pay money in BCM, I hope you understand that attracting more players indirectly translates to increased spending in the bcm and revenue
  11. Make some pvp events that encourage people to actually play the game. Some ideas 1. Kill players for event coin. Each kill is 1 coin (limit it to 5 coins per player so theres no kill swapping). Have this event run for 2 months. 10 coins = exp mark, 1mil kinah bundle, 30 transparent transformation scrolls, 3 ancient pvp/pve stone, 3 ultimate etium, etc. (your typical cheap stuff) 50 coins = ancient refining stone, stigma enchantment stone, legendary pvp/pve stone 100 coins = ancient transform contract (selectable), daevonian skill (selection), 3x stigma enchantment stone, shi
  12. I was at pradeth siege where Elyos took the fortress. I only pvped and got 170 gp with no prestige pack / ap charms, so I think pvp does count for some
  13. Also, in arena of discipline if opponent dodges, we get 0 competition points. This effects competition ranking and final reward (luna). Please make it so if you get dodged / get 0 competition points, you get back 1 entry. This will also make it so bots don't get top reward by having an army of alts queing against each other.
  14. Bring back arena of chaos, glory, arena of tenacity. Aion needs more end game content. Players gear up (and spend thousands) for end game with nothing to do.
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