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  1. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    I believe you have some of your answers in your word salad. I highlighted an issue that I see in your essay. Like was said before, EC was meant to complete one or two (with prestige) times before having to use luna to reset the counter before daily reset. Knowing you are completing the instance more than those afforded times without luna is a exploitable bug. Same with the luna instance in a fort prior to siege to pop out for easy gp farm, animation hacks or some third party add ons. That being said, ALL exploitable bugs should be dealt with properly and accordingly by NC Soft. We all can go back and forth dissecting words to lean in our favor or NC Soft's favor, it means nothing. Any video game is not a democracy. We own nothing in it.
  2. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    The only question I have is what is the qq about compensation for those who didn't exploit. You want rewards on top of the rewards you received when you completed your 1 or 2 EC's? Or compensation for EC being down for 2-3 months? I can understand for EC being down for 2-3 months, but I don't see how you justify getting double rewards for when the kickfest was going on. I had prestige, I ran till I got 2 complete EC runs finished, ie not just go in and get kicked 2 times and say ok I'm done. That wasn't the exploit. If I went in for more than 2 completed EC's then thats the exploit. For those saying they want compensation for the time the exploit was going on is absurd. You go till you complete your one or two then you done. If someone just went in and got kicked and said oh well I'm done, then you the special kind of village idiot like mentalflubtarddingus.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    From this line, it is obvious this guy doesn't get anything that was posted to him. Clearly still in search of aloe from the burn he received from under posting by a large amount. There is no way to get his stuff. Probably in spirit frags already spent. Time to move on and learn from your bad judgement of trying to sell during an event where we needed to afk for hours to get the 10th anniversary coin things.
  4. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    Y'all are awesome. Thanks
  5. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    YAY Christmas came early!!!! Thank you so much for the reply.
  6. Arcade Tokens

    I say choice of legendary transformation contract to make up for the over sight haha One can dream.
  7. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    I used to run ARM back in the day, 2-3 years ago. I could tell I lagged more with that on during certain times, like siege and a few heavy congested areas. I don't use it any more. Does a ping reducer program work for a ping average of 55? Want to stop lag in IB and during sieges w/o trying shugo console.
  8. Only when Elyos let us have it. There are times when I saw lot of them kill gp mobs then leave so the fort changes. I don't know how big of a population there is, but Asmos still field a crap ton of people too. TBH, I hope they don't enable transfers. That shit messes up balance more than anything.
  9. Arcade Tokens

  10. Known Issues - October 9

    Evergale Canyon not working. Can't queue for it. HINT HINT
  11. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    I'd ask @Cyan but probably not get a response till Christmas ;P
  12. Error 2009 (help me!!)

    Have you updated windows and drivers?
  13. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    I thought Shugo Console was illegal. No?
  14. Blank entries in Glory Point leaderboard

    Sorry for the mini necro, but my Vandal was a blank entry last night. So I believe some classes overwhelm the system.
  15. Manastone Crafting - Rates

    My head hurts reading this thread. Too many numbers for my dumb ass