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  1. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    I never quoted Einstein, Brainiac. Second what right do you have to come after my right to ask you a simple question. Oh a question which you dodged btw
  2. Event Bug ? IDD no box ?

    c minium*** Fixed it for accuracy
  3. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    I am going to ask an easy question, Neleth, why are you still here if you don't like anything about the game or game producer? I count no less than 3 threads in the last week that you are complaining about NCWest and Aion in general. Why not just move on or it'll look like you concur with all the changes that have been installed over the years. A true mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over getting the same result but expecting a different outcome.
  4. You don't qualify for this event

    Not sure I get what the screen shot means? It shows you have the prestige or the phrase 'Prestige Society Benefits' would be red. I dont know how to post a screen shot straight to here, they want a url or some shit I dont have.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Keep the EC bug, take this p2w shit back
  6. Yup, why do it MetalPhantomEvil's way when you can do like Mecheagle: Queue all you elyos alts into AD, IB and ID so you dont have to actually play and pvp against anyone.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Oh on another plus, the board has fighting spirit frags too
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Happy Birthday Misuka
  9. I never had one, except leibo's for the weekly
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Guess the emergency maintenance is like days of old, dont log in on maintenance day till late
  11. @Cyan

    Now there is the poor soul waiting 15+ days for an EC to pop cause over 90% of the population used more entries. Is it fair for them they can't run an EC cause there aren't enough people to fill 24 on each side? Only reasonable solution, turn off kick and let the water over the dam go. I would like my pile of Etiums to be in fighting spirit frags please.
  12. You need to wake up

    I never compared EU vs NA. They are two separate companies. Right?
  13. Text updates 2019-09-04

    That's a lot of text, it crit eyes for over 9000
  14. You need to wake up

    Here is the dichotomy I see between pre 6.2 and post 6.2 on NA. Pre 6.2 you could buy your gear and not play for it. We had end game gear on the luna gambling tab. It was deemed p2w and everyone hated it. Same with the temp solutions and enchant stones that were on the BCM every now and then. There weren't too bad to swipe the card and skip content. Again deemed p2w. Post 6.2 there was no gear on the luna gambling tab, I forget what its called, the one with the dice. So that p2w was taken away. The BCM was gutted of gear and enchant stones, except transformation scrolls and stigma enchanting. Again, that part of the 6.2 p2w was taken away. This resulted in a huge outcry of put pvp enchanting stone in the store etc. NCSoft did at an enormous price (IMO). So there is a little p2w but its at a steep price. Luna was changed to reset most instances. Again, could be p2w, but its still expensive compared to other regions. Now I see that we bitched cause pre 6.2 p2w was easy and used heavily. Post 6.2 everything is too damn expensive and NCSoft needs to lower the prices. I'm not a smart man, but the community got what they wanted is lower p2w, but they are not happy they cant afford stuff. Say what? What do you want from NCSoft?