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  1. @Cyan @Gideon first off, i appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. I just wanted to ask a quick and simple question. Us as a raging community can be very frustrating to the Gm's of aion forums because im sure they have very limited power in what they can do. But all i ask is if you guys can please let us know what event will be coming this wednesday. At least give us this please. Its a reasonable question and wont affect anyone. This way if its a good event im sure the community will slowly begin to calm down and prepare to spend all the time they planned on grinding
  2. Its not about acquiring good items easily kid, its about the principal of being scammed. Give ne a list of one instance nc soft didnt nerf the loot in? How tf you expect us to gear when omegas are a rarity now how do you expect us to no life for gear when ncsoft ends up resettibg it all anyways months after months in oatches thatvare suppose to be better than the last? And last of all. They are doing it blatently and not even caring what we think
  3. @Cyan please dont tell people it might be available to be purchased still after the event. Because then some will wait tell after the event to buy it and we dont trust you guys at ncsoft anymore. Knowing you guys' past with the game. Im sure theyll just get lied to again and lose the coins they made.
  4. I wish there was a way we can all file one big complaint to catch NCkorea's eyes. They seriously dont know what ncsoft is doing to their franchise
  5. Cancelling mt wifes prestige after having it 3 years
  6. Boycot this nyering bs of milking our money right after scamming us. I would have spent $300 easilt for these omegas and temperings, but i took a vowe not to give ncsoft anymore more money. Curious what you guys' responses are
  7. @Hime only you guys, only you guys can ruin one of the best events in aion after not giving us a event in 3 weeks. i had hoped for aion again. i'm pretty sure after tonight, it's my friends and i last night playing this games. you guys completely ruined this game.
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