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  1. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    I do have fond memories of 2013. I just can't 'let it go'.
  2. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    You need players to get money
  3. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Well, congratulations NCWest, you did it. You nyerked over your entire playerbase (it doesn't even matter now if you're f2p or p2w). This shows once again how your team is incompetent, uncaring, and oblivious to the game overall. When this event was announced so many players were psyched about it, and even returning after months of inactivity just to play and have fun. I'm probably going to repeat a lot of things that's already been said, but I will keep saying it untill you finally listen or I lose my patience and quit this game overall. First of all you should've known the league loot could happen. If you tested it in-game, if you know how players think, it's the first thing you would've, but you didn't. You put out an event that started out too good to be true, just to take it away from us. Second, you ninja-away the npc, leaving the community broken and feeling bitter, divided between players who had the time to buy the cheap rewards and the ones who didn't. You didn't care, you didn't do anything about it. Third, you hide behind statements like 'we do it for the economy' 'it wasn't the intention of the event that 192 players could loot all the mobs all the time'. These are outrageous lies. We know you saw this kind of grinding would hurt your wallet because there was FINALLY a possibility in game to catch up. Not everyone can do Everfail (which btw still hasn't been fixed, mass-dc happens all the time, only leader can kick AFK,...but you can ninja a NPC and shut down an event before we could even blink). Just to give you an example: Evergale is at nyerking 2-3AM for me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's having trouble grinding those soulstones. If what you're saying is true then the event could've been easily fixed by making the rewards untradeable. Fourth, you warned us for increased prizing, only to give us a ridiculous statement and telling us (even now you have prizings) that the NPC STILL won't be up after maintenance. So the entire event lasts for a month, with only 2, maybe 3 weeks of a NPC that's already broken. Don't really know how to respond to that except of feeling bitter and not heard as a community. You could've done so many different things to fix this event, but you chose the worst one. If you people even took a glimpse at the forums you would've known. But instead you feed us with lies and fake promises in a very uncommunicative way that hurts ALL players. Five, you increased prizing by telling us you did 'the math' dividing the player base once again, because now we're pointing fingers at the mindless grinders. If you actually put some thought into this (I mean you had a week), went in-game, took a look at AFK'ers, how much time it took to get X coins per hour, use a bit of common sense (not everyone can grind this BS for 16hours straight day after day), you would've come up with a much better solution. But instead you guys went behind your pc's, ran a statistical analysis of the past week (how lazy can you be) and derived the prizings off of that. Not even knowing how long it takes to grind anything or where the fun in that all is. Now people are being mad at the grinders for doing what they thought would help them ingame to catch up, only to be beaten up by the rest of the community. I don't think we should point fingers at any players because it was the game that forced them to act that way. We should take a look at the company and its policy because honestly no game can survive in that kind of mentality. Six, there are only 2 options left for you here, because I feel what you did here is the final blow for ALOT of players, even your paying base. Just look at the forum, it's blowing up. a) You bring the NPC back up to its original prizing and reward the community for being so loyal to an event that should've been awesome but got zombified by your own fault. You will feel it in your wallet at first, but who are we kidding here? Omega's aren't even on BCM right now, and I'm pretty sure people would like to invest later in a game that rewards its players instead of punishing them for faults of the company. Choosing this option will hopefully bring your playerbase back. I say hopefully, because you really nyerked yourselves here with your announcement of prizing. As said before, many players returned JUST for this event, only to see it get beaten down by a greedy company. If you know the basics of game/companysurvival you should know that hurting your own wallet to bring back players is going to benefit you in the long run. More players=more money, it can be as simple as that. b) You release the NPC on the unknown date with those prizings, to keep a handful of players that will keep paying for this game (because let's be honest here, we know there'll always be players like that). You will however lose a big chunk of your playerbase, leaving the game to slowly die once again. Maybe you can plan in another merge because the servers are gonna be empty. But hey atleast you didn't touch your wallet, right? Seven, please oh please please hire someone who actually plays this game and can test and predict the community. Increase your communication, and stop being so oblivious and hiding behind the cloacks of Korea and Gameforge ('we cant change this or that because of...'). Mistakes like this happen too frequently. We are tired of hearing your dumb excuses and frankly I've had enough of this. I definetly won't be spending anymore money into this game, and I'm not even sure it's worth my time anymore. I hope you make a good decision.