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  1. NCW just doesn't care as much about this game compared to their others. It becomes proven patch after patch and week after week. Even something as simple as 16k kinah Shard bundles on Gold Sand Traders (GST) was so difficult to petition to be put on the GST, even though we only asked for what other servers already had. And they've said before that they have "no current plan" to put more skins on the GST.
  2. Would it be possible to just issue a non-tradeable Plastic Surgery ticket via survey to players? Even 1 per account would satiate affected players so they can at least fix their main character. NC is in hot water as it is with unhappy players. Building on that, of course, Transparent Transformation scrolls in the Gold Sand Traders so we can see our toons
  3. This ^. Stop being a cheapskate company and give your players something that will actually make us happy - being able to see the character we worked so hard on (and paid real money).
  4. They never offered free transfers beyond the very first merge of the game and did not offer paid transfers to/from Kahrun & Beritra for a very long time. New servers are nothing more than a mistake, and no one learned that lesson with Kahrun and Beritra (sadly innocent, new players are the ones who are really harmed with this). For the game's sake, I hope the do merge EK (soon, not "nc soon").
  5. My prestige pack ended yesterday. I refuse to renew it. They can't even give us Transparent Transformation Contracts on the Gold Sand Traders shop... It makes me sick to see how far this game & company behind it has fallen.
  6. I demand to be able to see the skins I spent real-life money on.
  7. NC, can you update "Luna Dice Game" (Daishunerk's Game of Fate)? There literally isn't one reward worth playing it for. There's items already in there that are decent to help fill a loot table (i.e Lv 80 Manastone, Stigma Enchant stone, Transformation Contract, Transparent Transformation..maybe not as a higher tier reward), but by themselves they are not a goal or reason to spend real-life money to play the game for. There needs to be higher ticket goal items. Especially when you charge 30 Luna per one regular dice roll. It's not even guaranteed that you will get the Laughing Shugo (LS) dice
  8. The rewards have great items. If they at least just took out the berdin's stars & shards or turned up the drop rate for the skins, it would be fine. Or..put the skins to be available for purchase on the BCM..
  9. This. It would have been great to see the skins on the BCM store (both Glittering Heart costume/headpiece/weapon skins and Pureheart/Heartseeker weapon skins). Not only are the event box drops one -per group-, the drop rate is absolute crap. Not to mention if you're lucky enough to make a Mended Heart, you're likely getting Shards or Berdin's/Abyssal Stars And just LOOLLLL if you want a Glittering Heart Weapon, as they only come from Black Cloud Lockboxes
  10. Bless your post-4.0 heart. Patches 1.5 and 2.0 were like this (don't remember if 3.0 was as well) with Fire Temple & Beshmundir Temple, only difference was you didn't have to fight 12 people for it. Your best bet is to find a group/alliance of equally frustrated players and keep running with them. This way, there isn't always someone new rolling on gear.
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