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  1. Housing

    He's doing the best he can. You have no idea how many people, channels, and departments that have to be crossed to get something done - especially if they need clearance from NC Korea. Since you clearly don't know, you should spend your time more wisely - such as researching that topic.
  2. Long Awaited Event

    Snowball event. It wouldn't be December on Aion without it. Myself, and many others, look forward to this event all year long
  3. P2W much?

    The player likely sent a ticket to request the item be transferred to that character. The GM that approved it (from player support) is the one at fault, he/she probably didn't remember/know the rules. This isn't Cyan's doing, he is just easiest to blame since you all see his name.
  4. game content improve

    Your solution is to only play a few classes out of 11 (soon 12)? That's not a good argument. And sins have gotten the nerf bat since around 2.0. With updates, a few will always be stronger but that shouldn't make others nearly worthless to play. I agree with Shadow. Also, would them being trade-able (even broker-able) be such a bad thing? Maybe bosses could drop ~2,000 shards?
  5. Buying BC Coin Wait Time For Delivery

    Wouldn't work for me. Kept giving me an error
  6. Why does it take FOREVER for the BC coin to appear after payment? I bought some after patch released and it took about 12 hours, I gave it my patience and understanding as they just updated everything, including their website + store. This is an entire month later though...why is it still taking so long? I wanted to reset one entry of my run I used to help an LFG group try Infernal Drakenspire Depths, outside of my static, and won't be able to do my second run with my static now since it's taking forever to deliver. Definitely feels like a waste of money.
  7. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    You have to hit it 3 times
  8. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    My idea Ahh, I'm so happy to see this. Thank you, @Cyan Whether it was happenstance already in the works or pulled from my comment in last week's Weekly Server Maintenance, it feels so good to see.
  9. I wanted to add to my edit from before: I do agree that lessening the amount of events is a bad move, players need to be encouraged to log in. Perhaps there can be a way around this, such as ap increase buff or adding temporary, sought after drops/rewards. I.e bosses dropping Transformation contracts (for the group) and using drop rate buffs in place of what would be a routine event. Having Qubinerk spawn at every location at once X times per day, randomized yet equal amounts during different time windows so players of all time zones have a chance. Or, for a certain amount of time ("event") pvp instances give an event box that has a chance to reward Legendary/Ultimate Kibrium or Fighting Spirit Fragment. It's difficult because no matter what, people will always be displeased. "This event again?" "We just had this" "What? No event?" "These rewards succc" "more p2w events" It's a hard middle ground to find and we don't know exactly the amount it will be lessened by. It could go from 1-2 a month to 1 a month, one every other month, who knows. How much do these events distract players from progressing anyways? Or taking numbers away from sieges or actual runs? The early flood of Harvester gear last patch(es) was irritating, no one wanted to run the instances anymore. I'd rather them not do the same with the new gear. I'm just waiting on the Snowball/Christmas event now
  10. If they participated in the event, they would have seen for themselves that the rewards (ancient contract) from the Candy Galaxy Bundle was able to be selected from the bundle, barring the fact that the rewards were posted on the website. It's not someone else's fault that they chose to not keep themselves informed on the event and chose not to participate in it. There was a reason everyone was spamming recruit links for it, that would have been a huge indicator it may have been worth looking into/doing. Edit** I do agree that lessening the amount of events is a bad move.

    I'm laughing way too hard at this