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  1. Lol this is funny Bryos telling me to get good coming from a pve queen and because why? All i want is Ncfail to do what they said they were gonna do , it has nothing to do with getting good but if you want to see how good i am i 'll happily destroy you in pvp in front of everyone in game just let me know you little punk and ill be there.
  2. Why do you fail at everything NCsoft everything you implement is broken anything that inconviences us takes you forever to fix but if it benefits us you fix it the next week or have emergency mant to fix it ...you need to fix this
  3. If you want drops when your faction has the UA forts go solo or duo barracks the drop rate in there has not been nerfed and you can still get around 10 drops per one run with a drop buff. With out a drop buff i found to get around 3-4 but still better then none i just don't see the gain vs time invested with no drop buff but open world used to be like that and i doubt they nerf the drop rate in there since a bot can not effectively farm that place due to entrys
  4. Well i have 4 pvp sets a MR set a MS leather set a arena block set and a 75aug set which is my main pvp set crit/attack/acc the other 3 sets i switch to situationally so for me to make a asherion set to run one instance is insane. Mabe they need put a limit on the instance runs you can do and up the ap gain is all i'm saying. i am not using pve gear to run a pvp instance i mean whats the point i might as well be one of those ppl who afk it and get kicked.
  5. First thing i would like to say i like this instance its awesome pvp but the ap rewards are well sorta lacking considering i lose 1/4 of lvl 2 augment in my gear when i go in there. I mean 3k ap is not near enough to compensate for that. Any one else have this problem when they run this instance?
  6. I have been trying to find a guide are video of the instance and all i can find is this video where this person is flying through the whole thing. I'm wondering if there is any videos out there of how to run the instance or at least a guide.
  7. I have a mix of apollon and sophisticated frigada armor and i socket precision +7 till i reach 240 in the stat then i socket crit17/attack2 till i reach my crit strike requirement (around 1500) after that i socket power +7 in the rest of it for more phydef and attack i think the diminishing returns area on that is between 400-450. It is helpful to have a pure plume over +5 for more crit/attack/hp,also make sure your shield is at least +10 so you have full damage reduction. Remember Temps and Glads have to tank in dps build now to keep agro and usually you tank with your greatsword out and swit
  8. Don't forget if you actually do go to the opposing factions land to run to the ride after getting hit once and then force log so no one kills you then log back in and continue hunting bots so it makes you feel like a pro.
  9. They need to just get rid of soul sickness period i mean come on its really a retarded mechanic of the game anyway and would keep ppl here who lost their mansions , it is really the only reason i bought a mansion in the first place
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