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  1. Return the game to its former glory, make things tradeable, return the private stores, stop using the broker to steal kina and harm players, remove the transformations, why do you get skins then? Return the alchemy that if it worked, do events like It corresponds where everyone can participate, they complain that the players have many alters but that is the only thing that can be done to be able to obtain things or something good in the events, do you give something away? No, they do not make it easy, do they take it Forge for everything and with immeasurable quantities, they say that the pvp
  2. The Tucas thing is wrong ... very bad so to speak, as you can think of that on a nyerking big map like demaha come out only in 3 places! is seriously? since the event started only I could get 1 Thorn, and say the rest help not the opposite either they assure themselves, crafte weapons and sell them because they know that there are people who will not be able to obtain them and so they get more kinah ..... a shame the truth
  3. 250 coin for one omega! 100 coins for one commader soulstone! This is an abuse on your part! apart from being shameless, he is a scoundrel wherever he looks, perhaps they do not think that there are people who have life, who study, work and are not here 24/7 farming the blessed coins! and maybe you think that only one player farmeo more than a thousand coins no lords was one with 7 more alters ... as advice should put the prices that were otherwise this event will be another failure more
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