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  1. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    Understand, thanks
  2. How to change language?

    I saw on aion NA not EU
  3. Aion 6.0 When?

    Yes it's possible! we'll see
  4. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    How do you have a PC buff?
  5. How to change language?

    No, I mean aion
  6. How to change language?

    Hi how can I change language in aion? I saw someone changed aion language to Spanish...
  7. Aion 6.0 When?

    Maybe the 6.0 will be live in Autumn or last 2018.
  8. Put new hairstyles on BCM pls
  9. New Server Name Suggestions

    Siel + Beritra = Ereshkigal Tiamat + Israphel + Kharun = Asteria