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  1. I am not interested in killing Sunny and I have never been in the alli before. I make a thread about this because of the peoples you ignored. I am full healing L75 cleric. Not sure if I am suppose to be dps class. Hey dude, I don't think you guys reach 25% before the server went down.
  2. There are few peoples shouting and asking to join right before Sunyaka spawn. But they all got ignored. Saw it myself ? There was no LFG recruitment before the server was down. I know because I was running around the map looking for Boxes for like 2 hours. And I saw in LFG, peoples asking if there are any Sunny alli but nada... when I came running in the middle, there were already an alli of elyos. And some asmos at the bottom trying to kill some of the peoples... After the server went up...It's a different story. I was not talking about that anyway.
  3. I was there... right before it spawn, shouting and normal chat to invite before the server came down, and I continue again after it went up. Also, there were few other peoples shouting to invite but got ignore. Maybe, I should just post all the names. I also screenshot you know
  4. Aion players become greedy, I saw that Katalam elyos kill Sunayaka by 1 alli without inviting other players.
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