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  1. This.. Can you guys please pay attention to this?? @Kibbelz@HimeWe cannot stress enough to say this is so sad and disappointing to go over Apsarantha and spend so many hours farming just to get the reward and never comes the right armor piece. And repeat the process all over when the quests refresh, and be sad again because you get the piece of armor you need on an alt and you can't even put them on your account warehouse.... Also, where are the events? Minion events, exp, transformations? Anything at all?
  2. @Kibbelz can't you give us one more week for this last part? you are giving 2 weeks worth of rewards and casual players like me (that need those boxes) surely will not reach lvl85 so fast.
  3. Yet again no reward. @Kibbelz from which part of the event should we be receiving the rewards this week?
  4. It's been over 19 days since i've asked them about my boss kill count, and still got no answer, and I also got no reward. I've been replied: If I were you I wouldn't expect a box to come this week too.
  5. I agree. It's been over 13 days that I asked them for my boss kill count and to this day I got no answer. And I checked mail again, no box..
  6. Why did you guys tell me there was no issue? Yeah, I know I did them too, and for 2 weeks straight I got no reward (12 bosses + 20 asmos). They will just tell you that you didn't achieve the requirements. From that day on, I'm recording everything. I tried to do that.. twice, nothing.. yet again no reward.
  7. I sent a ticket and this was their response to me.
  8. I only got GP from Reshanta siege, and the mail reward is the same as yours. 850.00 ap and 10 kinah :v
  9. Is there any info about this new jump character we are getting in 8.0? I'd like to know when it'll be deleted for example
  10. @Kibbelzwe need the NA patch notes for version 8.0, please. I agree. They could've put ANY event, but they chose none and left us to do these weekly "quests" that we don't even have rules for.
  11. I think I know why he's asking that now, knowing we will get the box today. Even if it is selectable will the reward be permanent? And we have some bad rewards in the box. If it's not selectable nor permanent, why bother playing at all for these boxes?
  12. @Kibbelz mmm, yes, where are the actual events? not even an exp bonus? and yet again we recieve little to no information on how rewards and the event itself will work.
  13. @Kibbelz Can you please give us a heads up on this? Also, are the kills account wide, or character only? Many of us don't have good pvp gear (and from day 1 we only see top players hunting the enemy faction) and is hoping group/ally/league kills count for us.
  14. I agree with Devarauxx @Kibbelz. did Sanctum had the area to marry too? we want it back, please! while we're at it, also the restricted areas where we could previously buy dyes, skins and motions from npcs would be nice too! thank you!
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