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  1. We can ban them, uninstall haha. But I agree. It was stated that the devs have been aware of the bug for some time. But that 'some time ™' has never been defined. I, personally, think the bug was active since the EK server was established. My thinking of that is that I saw many EK folks running a shit ton of EC per day. To the point of more than 6+. I would run EC on a bunch of my 80s and saw the same people time and time again. I think after 2-3 luna resets at 80 luna, it goes up to 120 or 160 a reset. That being said, that would be a hell of a lot of luna per week.
  2. Can we get a fix to Prestige Quests. Still have one for Mirash Sanctum
  3. This is why I love Cyan. No Troll. Evergone and soonishly. Nothing can top these
  4. Hope its not just for 2 weeks, but permanent addition to the bcm
  5. Am I not seeing them in the normal places or have they been moved or removed
  6. Yes folks we still get luna as the gp season reward. Loving it.
  7. Anything new? I need some more AP. Also, any word on the gp season rewards?
  8. Are you sure about that? What happens if an Elyos comes in to get the 3 surks lugbug daily done but cannot cause there are afk alts clogging real people? This is by far a bigger scale than EC. EC ran 3 days, THREE. How many days does IB run? ID? and AD? Lastly I would like to input that the only reason you arent condemning it is you are complicit with it, running with him knowing what he is doing. If not how would you know he is using luna? Any exploit is a way of cheating, no matter the severity if anyone's mind. Mech is so fast on calling everyone out about EC
  9. Seems rich coming from the person who cheats by afking Elyos alts to vs himself in IB, AD and ID
  10. WTF I do with all the extras I have and cant upgrade them? Sell them for 1 kinah each or just toss them? Can we get a way to NOT waste stuff?
  11. This so much now. At least the whole community could benefit from it and not the whales. Also, what are the rewards again? Still giving GP?
  12. Yea, um, did you get the memo on the TPS reports
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