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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 2, 2020

    Like most old players... Im tired of farming farming farming and never get to the end of it >_> they keep adding stupid stuff and removing the good ones...
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 2, 2020

    Yay! another Crappy event! >_<
  3. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    Players who are top ranking on game usually have some sort of hack... It doesn't matters if its Elyo or Asmo, it's the way it is, not all of them, but most of them. it has been that way since early aion 1.9 when I started playing there were bots hoarding high drop zones or Godstone dropping mobs, either boting (auto hunt), Radar, go thru objects, no animation, run faster, fly anywhere, glide up like superman... NC have tried to stop them, but ppl always find a way to bypass it.. so it's not lack of interest... its an increased dishonesty on players... I have never been an xform 5 stars... I have never had over 5 Billion kinah, I usually end patches with Best Gear but not always enchanted...and honestly I don't care. I enjoy the game, I even love to kill well known hackers whenever I can.. And complaining on forums have NO impact on how stuff is handled inside NCsoft Management/Staff/Developers. If you want to prove something you will need proof. video is preferred and is NOT always guaranteed that there will be a Ban, and still if they ban someone, usually is for 8 days, 2 weeks, a month and only on rare occasions its a permaban. Don't waste your time posting on forums...
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I almost quit playing Aion cos of all sieges happening at the same time, plus the need to farm each map to get rewards like I cant go trough Silentera Canyon w/o spending 2 or 3 weeks farming mobs... that's plain idiotic and stupid... that's why many players have left the game... I cannot be playing 24/7 to get a simple reward as that... making things harder to reach wont keep `players longer, instead they will find other things to do with their time.
  5. Latency Issues

    I did a TCPView and a pingtracer and several other test to the route connection, and the culprit according to my research is a server near Texas that connections to the Aion server has to go trough, usually this kind of server failures are fixed within days, sometimes weeks...
  6. Returning after a long time, ping is INSANE

    My Pc is pretty basic for nowadays standard, keep in mind that this game is 10+ years old so you will do fine with any top of the line PC from 5 to 10 years old PC Also for current play ability I suggest lots of Memory (Ram) and a Solid State HD My Current Specs are: 16 GB Ram Solid State 256 GB for Windows and Game HD 2 TB (storage mostly music and movies) Video Card GTX 1060ti Gigabyte Mother Board MSI B450 Video Pro Processor Ryzen 3 2200g Lower FPS @ Siege (100+ Players @ lowest settings) 24 FPS Highest FPS in a low player zone @ highest Settings 70-110 FPS Low video lag Spikes, good reaction @ PvP My only problem specially with last update is LAGGG!! I have been getting ping spikes from 60-80 to 200- 3k Random...
  7. Can I run in 64 bit???

    You are already running it in 64 bits, look at task manager and if your client just show up as "Aion" you are running it in 64 if it says Aion32 then you have the 32 version running that it's only achievable by modifying game files.
  8. Spiritmaster Mains?

    Stigmas are kinda a personal thing, there are those who likes the Spirit build, while there are others that likes the Buff build, My fav build for now are: Gold: Infernal Blight Blue 1: Infernal Pain Blue 2: Magic Implosion Green 1:Stone Scour / Earthen Call (PvE / PvP) Green 2: Cyclone of wrath Green 3: Magic Freedom This gives you the Liked Stigma skill "Spirit's Empowerment" The green Stigmas you can swithch to any of your liking, the gold and blue no. This is my usual build, once you enchant your stigmas past +9 you get 2 extra green stigma slots
  9. HACK

    I've sent many videos of ppl hacking. If you are in Hide II or Advanced Hide Nobody but a Ranger or another son can Target you while using "Advanced Eye" There is no way to find you with seeds unless you hide near another player, I have used a sin since 1.9 and I kinda "know" where a sin may go after hiding, but that have a 50% chance to actual get him out of hide, but so far I have not being able to target a sin while he is in hide using another class other than a Sin ( I don't play with ranger class) Many Sorcs and Vandals hacks their ass off same as some glads and even some other assassins.... I don't know what hack they use but they are "easy" to spot once they start casting AoEs near you or they start acting funny when you are near (like full buffing or pre buffing as if they knew you are there. There is no such thing as "BUG" as keeping a target after you go in hide, I've played too long to know that. or they start shifting targets and BAM suddenly they target you for a split second...
  10. Returning after quitting back in 4.8

    1.- Upper part of sanctum is gone you can't access it anymore, same happened to some part of Pandamonium 2.- Scrolls for cast/crit/running/fly etc. Got removed, if you had the event 30 minutes still on chest you can use them all others were deleted. 3.- Skills got removed / fused / combined and some got different lv of acquisition, skills that had same effects gone, skills that are similar fused that goes for all classes 4.- Game is easier than ever to lv up, you can hit lv 80 in 1 day o 1 week if you want or cant spend too much time playing. 5.- Some maps are gone too, but 2 new were added 6.- got Luna instance that gives a reward that randomly contains Jellies, Enchantment stones, administrator scrolls, and other goodies besides 5 types of stones needed to craft with luna, also Luna stones maybe used to Luna that can be used to reset instances and other stuff 7.- We got a new transformation system, you can transform into a Penguin a Bear or some Legendary boss, Including Tahabata, Kaisinel, etc, Each one have certain effects such as casting speed, run speed, crit, attack etc. Choose the one right for you class, you will need a transformation contract, and a transformation scroll to use them, also you can use potions to achieve this, difference? Contracts are permanent and can be used with the scroll, potions are 1 time use and last 9 min dependin on the xform grade the better it is less it last. 8.- While you can still use pets, it is better to use a Minion, Rank A gives the best stats, Rank B are ok, you can fuse rank C minions to get a chance to get a Rank B and you can fuse rank B to get an A grade minion. 9.- We got Lugbug quests, they are a daily Quest to-do list if complete 8 daily quest you get a fancy reward also there is a weekly version. 10.- We got Gold Traders Store you may find almost anything you'll need there from res stones to contracts, enchantments etc. As a comeback player I will suggest you to move to Lakrum (if you are above 76) or go to sanctum and see if you get the red quest that gives some stuff such as armor, weapons, mounts and enchantment stones and follow the Campaing quests and do every single blue mission you find, the green-ish or "normal" quest you may skip. Also get to any instance you can get in, they give exp boost and jewelery/armor/weapon, DO not Enchant Gold items (ancient) wait till you get at least legendary to start tryint to enchant. Do solo instances as BoS, and FM and if you can run IDD and PF to start PvE gearing, PvP you'll need to do camps @ Lakrum to get Crystals from quests, and those crystals can be exchanged @ Lakrum for gear PvP also you can buy Enchantment stones. 11.- AP?, now the AP is needed a lot to upgrade PvP gear, so try to go to every siege you can attend, and try to do AD/ID/IB PvP instances you'll get around 200k AP from a fail siege and 500k from a successful siege, + PvP AP you get. There is too much that has changed and this is just a "quick guide" so other stuff you'll find out in game. good Luck!
  11. Plate

    The only classes that need a PvP re-balance are Vandals and Plates, Plates have around 100k HP, P.def, resist Fear and other magic cc skills, and huge DPS specially glads, but Templars and AT are not that far, Vandals are insanely crazy they are like tanks with huge DPS is like dealing with a sin with Sorc Damage and Templar HP on top of that, they can resist/evade/dodge lots of skills so even if they are almost dead they still can get away cos they can cast the double jump to get away...
  12. DN Server Last Night ...

    Sometimes it's NOT your connection, sometimes its NOT the game server, there are times when the connection goes trough a server that is having issues (Do a trace) and you may find that "x" server is having a DDOS or unusual traffic thus causing your connection to have issues. It happened to me a couple of times My connection usually does 2-5 "jumps" to connect my PC to the Server and that cause some lag!
  13. You guys should just quit your jobs.

    I can tell you this: They server CAN handle even a bigger siege, perhaps your computer CAN'T Server side it's just letters & numbers, while your PC does the Heavy lifting for the rendering and communications. If any of those fails, you'll get a Error, or plain crash. or not even a notice telling you what happened. I used to have plenty of trouble playing AION, I had frozen screen, black screen, crashes every single day, even @ "small" mini sieges for altars. I have an updated PC not top of the line, neither too old to complain Just a Ryzen, with GTX 1050 ti and 16 GB ram Nothing fixed my problem, until I contacted AMD to ask for a fix. Well they told me to: 1.st Update Windows to the latest update 2.- Uninstall previews drivers for Motherboard and video card 3.- Download updated drivers for motherboard and video card and install in that order, motherboard 1st, video card after 4.- Use a tool to completely uninstall ANY trace of video drivers prior to reinstall. They suggested DDU. It Fixed all the headaches I'd been having for the last couple of months. No more DC, No more crashes (random usual crashes where Always have been a glitch still happen as they always did), I can handle any siege with medium details even Demaha w/o crashing no more lag, no more black screen or frozen screen. Try to fix it from your side prior to blame server, I am not saying that random DC cannot happen, but I've not had ONE since I fixed the items that had been making my game crash. Cheers~

    ohh that was why yesterday so many ppl did so many runs and i was like WTF? spending so many reset/luna into that but whatever... I did my run and that was it.... I think that kind of stuff is what breaks games, specially now with a new patch... oh well...
  15. What a Shame

    Sorc can still DPS enemies like before, the thing is that, many sorc pre 6.x learned 1 or 2 rotations and if it failed they just sleep/root until it became available again, rinse and repeat. Now they removed many skills used to do that the damage is still pretty high, but when they master the class as is nowadays, they are almost unbeatable but you need few things: 1.- skills 2.- Gear 3.- good rotation. Now let's talk about Templars and Gladiators resisting everything from slows, roots, fears, almost any magic skill..... cant kill that as magical class, and even less with the new damage added by this patch... I am still on 3 ultimate items and the rest Legendary... it is still a long way for me