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  1. Well I have 2 accounts that are active, and... I cant afford to pay on both, so one have to be ftp while the other I may spend a bit more, but... cant spend 1 month worth of food on an account that I use as support.
  2. The game is becoming a HARDCORE game, if you can't spend lots of time and money into the game you'd rather quit, I did for few months, and I came back for a few weeks now, Game is the same, a hard grind fest as usual, but with so many Gears to farm and no parties to do end game content It will become harder to farm stuff as patches keeps adding stupid ways to drain your wallets....
  3. Leveling is a swift... no need for ol' maps, game have changed too much, there is too much to farm, and to gear up, do not stop to grind an instance, just move along, do campaign and blue quests, and Rep Green quest just enough to get the next set of quest.. You'll get free gear according to your lv. Your goal is get to lv 80 ASAP!, cos there is nothing to do under lv 76 and nothing to farm
  4. I would suggest that you follow the blue quests, and do the green quest until you reach the next level, don't over do it, just move with the blue quests and the campaing and lv up as needed with green quests, as for the Spirits, you get your skills as you lv up, also spirits has their own skills, basic there are 2 for attack 1 for selfheal and 1 that will heal the spirit with the SM own health. Don't worry too much about gear, or skills, for now just try to learn what each skill do, you can find skill builds on youtube or try an stigma calculator such as This is my current build, but you
  5. When they introduced the "black cloud coins" they stopped selling cards... for any NCsoft game.. those were remaining cards that dealers had stashed..... as I remember they said they would remove them completely.. but I dunno maybe I am wrong... and that was about 3-4 years ago..
  6. Like most old players... Im tired of farming farming farming and never get to the end of it >_> they keep adding stupid stuff and removing the good ones...
  7. Players who are top ranking on game usually have some sort of hack... It doesn't matters if its Elyo or Asmo, it's the way it is, not all of them, but most of them. it has been that way since early aion 1.9 when I started playing there were bots hoarding high drop zones or Godstone dropping mobs, either boting (auto hunt), Radar, go thru objects, no animation, run faster, fly anywhere, glide up like superman... NC have tried to stop them, but ppl always find a way to bypass it.. so it's not lack of interest... its an increased dishonesty on players... I have never been an xform 5 stars... I ha
  8. I almost quit playing Aion cos of all sieges happening at the same time, plus the need to farm each map to get rewards like I cant go trough Silentera Canyon w/o spending 2 or 3 weeks farming mobs... that's plain idiotic and stupid... that's why many players have left the game... I cannot be playing 24/7 to get a simple reward as that... making things harder to reach wont keep `players longer, instead they will find other things to do with their time.
  9. I did a TCPView and a pingtracer and several other test to the route connection, and the culprit according to my research is a server near Texas that connections to the Aion server has to go trough, usually this kind of server failures are fixed within days, sometimes weeks...
  10. My Pc is pretty basic for nowadays standard, keep in mind that this game is 10+ years old so you will do fine with any top of the line PC from 5 to 10 years old PC Also for current play ability I suggest lots of Memory (Ram) and a Solid State HD My Current Specs are: 16 GB Ram Solid State 256 GB for Windows and Game HD 2 TB (storage mostly music and movies) Video Card GTX 1060ti Gigabyte Mother Board MSI B450 Video Pro Processor Ryzen 3 2200g Lower FPS @ Siege (100+ Players @ lowest settings) 24 FPS Highest FPS in a low player zone @ highest Settings 70-110 FPS Low vi
  11. You are already running it in 64 bits, look at task manager and if your client just show up as "Aion" you are running it in 64 if it says Aion32 then you have the 32 version running that it's only achievable by modifying game files.
  12. Stigmas are kinda a personal thing, there are those who likes the Spirit build, while there are others that likes the Buff build, My fav build for now are: Gold: Infernal Blight Blue 1: Infernal Pain Blue 2: Magic Implosion Green 1:Stone Scour / Earthen Call (PvE / PvP) Green 2: Cyclone of wrath Green 3: Magic Freedom This gives you the Liked Stigma skill "Spirit's Empowerment" The green Stigmas you can swithch to any of your liking, the gold and blue no. This is my usual build, once you enchant your stigmas past +9 you get 2 extra green stigma slots
  13. I've sent many videos of ppl hacking. If you are in Hide II or Advanced Hide Nobody but a Ranger or another son can Target you while using "Advanced Eye" There is no way to find you with seeds unless you hide near another player, I have used a sin since 1.9 and I kinda "know" where a sin may go after hiding, but that have a 50% chance to actual get him out of hide, but so far I have not being able to target a sin while he is in hide using another class other than a Sin ( I don't play with ranger class) Many Sorcs and Vandals hacks their ass off same as some glads and even some other assas
  14. 1.- Upper part of sanctum is gone you can't access it anymore, same happened to some part of Pandamonium 2.- Scrolls for cast/crit/running/fly etc. Got removed, if you had the event 30 minutes still on chest you can use them all others were deleted. 3.- Skills got removed / fused / combined and some got different lv of acquisition, skills that had same effects gone, skills that are similar fused that goes for all classes 4.- Game is easier than ever to lv up, you can hit lv 80 in 1 day o 1 week if you want or cant spend too much time playing. 5.- Some maps are gone too, but 2 new were
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