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  1. Before everything I had the W10 SO, everything worked fine, but I had to change my hard drive, the technician completely formatted it, and mistakenly left it with the W8.1 SO, but I still installed the game, I was able to open it , but I couldn't play because the graphics didn't load, so verifying the compatibility of my card with the OS I saw that I had to install the W10 SO again, I did it, I installed the game again and I was able to open it 2 times, with everything running at 100 %, that was last Monday, but on Tuesday when I went back to log in, the game didn't open. The support of ncsoft
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to play AION, I already did a lot of things that NCSOFT told me, but the game still doesn't open. I just try to login, the AION logo appears and then the game closes. I've already uninstalled and installed it twice and I reinstalled the OS of my computer and it's the same, game doesn't open. Please, someone has a solution to fix it? I'm frustrated.
  3. Hello, I'm not sure, but I think there wasn't maintenance today, or at least they didn't notify it. Can anyone confirm it?
  4. I don't understand if it really was necessary to reset our tree, or you just did it to undermine our efforts ... Gathering those seeds wasn't an easy task ...
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