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  1. Playlist 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 added to the jukebox have fun
  2. Hum? I never said that you should stop playing in NA and come in EU... I was just giving my opinion on the game and on what I think about EU since I play on EU, I don't want to play on NA, and some people on this thread were talking about EU / NA and translations. It's not because I like playing on the EU version more that I can't give my opinion on the NA game you know? Actually I played on NA/RU/KR and EU, the korean version is by far the best version of the game and RU for me it's the worst one... Also I was defending my opinion and explaining why I prefer to play on EU instead of NA l
  3. I didn't saw the video (entirely) so yeah my bad on that point. Since the 6.2 the EU premium is not required to play either and we add so many events involving the gold pack that most of EU players are premium and premium is cheap. Also in EU we want improvments on the premium because it's kinda useless since 6.2... @Kubei-DN I know the differences between all the Aion versions (I mean i'm litterally translating korean guides), I know what NCsoft is doing with NA and IMO they just waited for GF to release the 6.2 so they can change things with EU feedbacks. It's good for NA Players b
  4. I hope you're kidding? ^^' Don't really know how to answer that... I don't pay anything and I have a good ping 26-42ms without fiber, 90%-95% EU players have premium (I still have 1000 days of premium remaining) and I paid it with my kinahs not my money? hum? Okay? I visit the Korean website everyday and I can tell you that the KR version as way more better communication than NA.... I never said I represent EU... I just said what I think about the game... it's only MY opinion, obviously some EU players hate GF for whatever reasons. It's a fact since they have less langua
  5. Hello! What people need to understand with the languages is that in 2009 we had the game in EN/DE/FR NCSoft sold Aion EU to GF and after more than a year Gameforge decided to add more languages (ES/IT/PL/TR) sadly it failed and Turkish is no longer part of this adventure. Polish players have a strong community and they are the only one with a server dedicated to their language. Spanish and Italian players are now on english servers but GF continue to translate the game and we still have FR/EN/DE/ES/IT/PL we also have a small Russian community on EU servers. If we have so many la
  6. Yes in EU kinahs are nerfed but we have the same enchant. rates 6.2 in EU/KR!
  7. Hey! I made a new jukebox on my website already 79/185 musics uploaded already, i'll add more musics at a later time. There will be a total of 185 songs that will be divided into 9 playlists you'll have later if you wish, download each playlist separately or all the music of the game. (total 1216 musics (3.18GB)). The link: http://www.lfstrat.com/aion/en/medias/jukebox/ Enjoy the music!
  8. Hello! @TrainerRusty-KT Follow what Kubei said Also a thing you need to know too is, gear is now bound by type. If you're a Chanter (like me) you can ONLY use chain stuff, so if you're a cleric with cloth stuff you will not be able to use it after the patch 6.0! - Gladiator / Templar = Plate only - Cleric / Chanter / Rider = Chain only - Assassin / Ranger / Gunslinger = Leather only - Wizard / Spiritmaster / Bard = Cloth only Some people in EU were not prepared and were like "OMG I HAVE NO STUFF!" ^^
  9. @Shinade-DN What @Bryos-DN said is good ^^ @Kubei-DN and @Bryos-DN If you want to, I can make a special jukebox page on LF Strat and add all the musics of the game
  10. @Violeta-KT Yeah I was talking about the mats not the lunas for most of the items in the luna shop you need to spend looooots of luna materials. Like you need to spend 2 weeks of mats for 1 box of 1000 kinahs 50% chance or 1 Month of mats for a bundle of 1 legendary enchant stone 50% chance... sooo... even buying luna mats with free lunas is not worth it For the upgrade materials you need two types of items the Lydiums (Legendary/ultimate) from Dredgions, Neviwind and RvR, are really easy to get for the Fragments of the Fighting Spirit you need to extract PvP stuff that's why you need to
  11. Luna is not really real money in EU they gave more than 1000 in events and like 400 with vet. rewards so yeah you'll see but IMO compensation stuff is a waste of time unless you get directly the Ultimate version or at least legendary +15 but ancient or legendary +10 are definitely not worth it!
  12. @Violeta-KT You can waste your time, enchant. Stones and manastones on the compensation stuff if you want to, it's just my advice. But, compensation stuff have fixed stats and on the genesis one you can choose what you want! That's why genesis stuff is better! + you'll have more speed so more weaving and more DPS it's just for people who wants to optimize their stats. This is what you will have if you have a compensation sword: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/100050043 This is what you will have if you upgrade your genesis sword: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook
  13. Yes i'm pretty sure we have the same rates as Korea!
  14. - 0 kinahs for craft materials or quest materials - 21 606 kinahs for 7202 Petra medal - 101 kinahs for 101 Grey wolf coins - 327 152 AP for 644 Blood marks - 35 560 AP for 35 Blood medals Look at these screens you can recognize some items with the icon it's in french sorry First screen is ALL my aetherforging mats. = 0 kinahs https://www.casimages.com/a/hESLN
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