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  1. Necro thread... but anyway they already shut down Aion legions at war. I doubt Aion2 will see the light of day.
  2. If you like packs of furries throwing lead based paint at you then by all means come back.
  3. Well your wrong and right... while Clerics have never been the best DPS in the game they have come pretty close. I remember when there was such a thing as clorcs. After that Clerics were so impossible to kill they could beat any class in the game if gear was close to equal.
  4. Dang-it Heart how many times do people on the forums have to tell people not thank NCSoft... now they are going to nerf the event and make it so you have to spend money. Truly a stupid and noob mistake.
  5. My wife has naturally curly hair... I mean really curly and North Carolina in the summer is absolutely brutal. Let just say in the summer suns out buns out in my household usually means some hair twisties and a wife frantically putting her hair in a bun after giving up trying to style it. Need I mention a passing summer shower.
  6. Just do what everyone else is doing... go play FFXIV
  7. Already left this game just come to forums every once in a while to see whats new... cause this was my first mmo and has a special place in my gaming history. Anyway already went back to FFXIV with its magnificent (thus far) expansion. There is even a waiting list to log on... seriously a game that old and I still have to wait to get on.
  8. @Cyan your game is in trouble even Aly is not defending it anymore.
  9. They still are if you know how to gear and play them right. Sorcs and SMs were ridiculous last patch (seriously, my SM with 2 red pieces was outdpsing my sin with 9 red pieces in PF). Sorcs are still high DPS, SMs are too. If you’re pulling 8k DPS (which is like 7m total damage in a Beritra fight), then you’re either not geared, or you need to work on your rotation. Like I said earlier, there are more than a few sorcs who can outdps me on Dn-Asmo with similar gear, and I’m doing about 17-22m total damage in IDD. There they are.... the vague obligatory get gudnoob posts.
  10. Do you honestly believe this? Like wholeheartedly believe the words you typed? Aion is a game that even those who currently play are tired of it.. There is nothing appealing for players to come and participate in. @HealingSquid-KT
  11. Its mobile... so its going to be a P2W POS. Aion2 will be just as niche as Aion in the west.
  12. Yea and to which practically everyone who replied to your post either disagreed with you or found your post laughable. You even started, "this is going to shock some of you." A troll post doesn't count. @Matsukamy-KT
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