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  1. More bad press for Aion

    "Wings over Atreia" hopefully old players would know were articles dealing with Aion on Massively now MassivelyOP website. Well the article is definitely not a glowing endorsement of the revamped Aion. https://massivelyop.com/2019/01/06/wings-over-atreia-aion-abolished-trading-and-other-foolish-moves/
  2. So I find the painter class.... well the square peg in the round hole... it just doesn't fit. So, come up with your own class that doesn't exactly fit Aion. My class: The SciFi class Class: DPS Armor: Plot Armor (at the beginning of each fight you are either one shotted, invincible. or it has RNG stats.) Weapons: energy gun, energy sword (physical damage) Unique about the class: Stances 1. Apocalypse stance: The future some calamity whether natural or artificial ended civilization. Civics, sciences, engineering have come to a halt or went back to an earlier level or development. However surviving in this world has made you tough as nails. 25% more damage while using energy sword, 75% less damage while using energy gun. All defensive stats greatly increased offensive stats minimal increase. All debuffs placed on you has their time reduced and all DoTs have reduced damage. Cleansing, wiping, or expired debuffs heal you a % of your health. Gain HP, MP, attack speed and run speed per debuff or DoT. All PC damage is reduced. Gain: I am a Carrier passive. All enemies within 3m receive a random debuff, or Dot every 4 secs, and enemies receive damage every sec. 2. Utopia Stance: The future is bright and peaceful, disagreements are handled by diplomacy but if it come down to a fight highly advanced tech and weapons would easily defeat any foe. Cooperation is highly promoted. 25% more damage with energy gun, 75% less damage with energy sword all defensive stats reduced. physical attack, and crit, attack speed, and run speed are increased by a certain % according to how many members are in your group. Aggro is reduced for caster by a certain % according to group size. Gain United Federation passive: for every buff used by a team member there is a chance the buff will be copied to everyone in the team. (The buff has reduced time duration). Buffs that are not copied will have their time duration increased for the caster of the buff. 3. Dystopia Stance: Some futures start out with the best intentions but some fatal flaw that everyone by page and age 5 will realize whats coming except to those living in it. It will come as a great bioshock when everything comes crashing down. Having survived the collapse while everyone else was acting like the walking dead grants you great insight. 15% more damage with energy gun, 15% more damage with energy sword. Increase in offensive and defensive stats, increased attack and run speed when operating outside of a group. Gain: Anything it Takes to Survive passive: Gain physical attack, crit, and defensive stats for every enemy (PC or NPC) or ally (PC/NPC not in your group) within 25m of you. Any pve enemy you casue damage to while not in a group will count as your kill/loot no matter how much damage you have done to hit. 4k DP skill female: Mary Sue: you are the expert in anything and everything: Increase physical/magic attack, magic crit/crit, physical/magical defense skills, cast/attack/run speed increased. All attacks due physical and magical damage. 4k skill male: Main Character: You cant die. you will always have at least 1 HP. The lower you r HP goes the more MP/physical attack/crit/attack and run speed you will gain. All attacks have 100% chance to cause extra damage to the target and every enemy within 10m of the target. Once effect ends heal for 100% of you HP and cleanse all debuffs and DoTs from you.
  3. I would pay a monthly fee for this game if it had a classic server (with some of the small life improvements added in)
  4. Backlash is (hopefully) Coming

    NCWest I do not know if folks over there are keeping up with other games but EA and Bethesda are taking a nerking beating right now from gamers. Two recently launched AAA games are already steeply discounted (the same as server merges for MMO's IMO.), and Battlefront 2 actually started a government crackdown in Europe. The reaction from Bethesda and EA/Dice has been nothing short of head scratching, as if they had no idea this was coming and completely taken aback. EA stock is plummeting and Bethesda is in the middle of one of the worse PR disasters in the company's history. (However the memes are hilarious.) I hope this rise up by gaming consumers, finally figuring out how markets work, continues and if it does sooner or later it will hit the MMO market. So NCWest you have 1 or 4 choices: A. Knock some sense into NCSoft Korea to give y'all more independence with the game in order to make changes needed for the NA market B. Start training your PR department to not go into full panic mode when/if it does hit. C. Cut your loses and abandon Aion. D. Pray to google so gamers go back to take my money mode and all this goes away.
  5. Gear Disparity current patch

    A fool and their money soon part
  6. nice new paint squirt class

    I am going to repeat what i said in another thread I will make the new class and his name will be jackoff
  7. nice new paint squirt class

    Obvious joke... like the mime class. please be a joke please be a joke
  8. Just a friendly reminder of what Aion could have been
  9. Feedback On 6.2 & Current state of aion

    I am going to have to disagree, somewhat, with your timeline for the fall of Aion. Their was a reason so many people were crying about PVP being too much. Back in the day I started on meslam server Asmodian side. Asmos were outnumbered a lot back in the day and was worse on Meslam. Elyos had whole leveling maps blocked off, for days. I remember not being able to leave red mane cavern, being ganked in the "safe zone" in Alsig village in morheim while selling stuff at the general store, having to have an alliance to go to fire temple. Rangers and assassins could literally stun lock you to death, all you did was just sit back into your chair and wait until you could soul rez. Of course back then it took weeks some month or more to level to 50 if you were not a hard core player. Asmos never was able to capture forts making the gear disparity worse. So people either left the game or rerolled Elyos. Server merges and got thrown into Zikel. Situation did not change and people in my legion and friends started to leave in droves. (Thank God we were not Israphel server asmo though it was a cake walk compared to them.) So the new characters and pvers left and then the pvp nerf and rifting nerf hit and the pvpers got pissed and left. The company (IMO) was banking on new players and the pvers to come back but they didn't. So no it wasnt just pvpers leaving and to some extent in wasnt pvers leaving. It was the new players leaving. - HUGE disparity between asmos population and elyos population - pvpers alliances / legions blocking leveling maps for hours and sometimes days discouraging new players to keep playing. -the complete overreaction of NCSoft to the pvp / rifting "solution" (which failed to bring back/in new players and pissing on pvp players) -waiting way to long to merge servers or come up with some way to balance population -waiting to long to bring in much needed balance in "pvp" oriented classes. Edit: Forgot about twinks whose only job was to stop people from leveling at any cost and called it PVP. Killing undergeared newbies in 1 or 2 shots on leveling maps is not pvp. All NCSoft had to do was forced leveling (by not loosing xp when you die) and the twink problem would have worked itself out. Thinking about it twinks may have been the best reason for the loss of new players.
  10. Brusthonin it was the first map I went to in Aion and was like wow some terrible sh*t happened here. The broken down houses, abandoned farms, dried up irrigation canals. It just told a story without even having to read a word of it. I bet is was gorgeous at one point.