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  1. Disconnections from server continously.

    It's definitely not my internet connection. I'm sitting at 50 down and 20 up, plus my boyfriend is playing right beside me on the same network and has no connection issues whatsoever. I've tried the file repair as well with no luck. Of all the games I play, this is the only one giving me trouble. As much as I loved playing Aion years back, I'm starting to think that it's just not worth the hassle at this point.
  2. Getting Chain Kicked From the Game

    I'm having the same problem! I just came back after 5+ years, and it's beyond frustrating. I downloaded the game last night, and between now and then (about 4 hours of play time), I've probably been disconnected 15+ times. I've tried the same things with no luck. My boyfriend who sits right beside me hasn't had a single disconnect in the same time period. I've been enjoying seeing the game again after all of this time, but this is making it hard to play.
  3. Disconnections from server continously.

    Hello, I've just returned to the game after about 5 years. I keep getting disconnected as well. It happens randomly... sometimes when I first log into the game yet other times I can play for 1 hour or more with no problem. I've disabled my antivirus and firewall just to test that out, but I'm still getting disconnects. Any other ideas? Are many other people having this issue? Thanks!