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  1. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    I am just coming back after all these changes and I've been having fun leveling up. I understand higher level players have issues with certain aspects of the game and I won't pretend I have a clue what you guys go through (yet anyway, hopefully hit 80 soon). I was hoping for some advice because I have 500+ mil on an older character and I've been playing a new cleric lately and I am running out of inventory slots, a ton. I've been able to upgrade some with quest money and selling greys/whites but I've reached a point where the storage upgrade prices for my inventory and bank are exceedingly high and that much money is just not available to newer characters. Is my only choice to make a second account and find a way to trade kinah and items that way? I don't see the sense in having items and kinah not available to all characters on the same account. The game developers are making a serious error and causing their playerbase far more grief than seems worth it to me. It feels like a really half-assed implemented system that was rushed and no foresight was considered at all in bringing these changes about. I was going to make a new post but this one seemed to do, so I didn't want to clutter the main board. Also, if anyone has any good resources/links for a returning player I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Stuck Leveling

    If anyone gets curious on the Elyos side if you go to Reaper/Kishar outposts around the 41/42 levels you'll see all kinds of campaigns and blue quests. Hope that helps!
  3. I am returning after a very long break. I have a SW at 65 but I forgot just about everything to do with that class so I started a new one, hoping to relearn the mechanics and how things work. So much has changed since I last played and I gather that more change is on the way. I have loads of questions, because my Google-fu is apparently not strong when it comes to this game. Crafting. WTF? Is it just not worth it anymore? If I make this new toon my main, I'm going to want to do Miragents because I am a completionist but also evidently a masochist. What gear am I supposed to get after this super OP newbie gear? You can enchant stigmas now? I guess we don't get them with AP anymore? How does that work? Does anyone still run newb dredge? Should I even bother? I saw gear with pvp stats on the broker. Is everything tradeable now or something? Seeing gear like that on the broker reminds me of the FV server on EQ where everything is tradeable. I probably will have more questions, but I just haven't gotten far enough back into the game to need to know more I guess? Does anyone feel like adopting a returning newb? I swear I am not super annoying and I will not bug you 24/7 but it sure would be nice to not feel so lost. Danaria doesn't seem very Elyos populated, but maybe I am just playing at the wrong times. Any decent Elyos legions willing to take a returning newb? If your best friend/sister/brother/SO was just starting out playing Aion, what would you tell them to do (besides run away)? What's most important to work on with this patch and state of the game? How would you tell them to get situated and ready for 6.x? Sorry for all the questions. I did my due diligence and googled and read stuff on the forums, this is what I'm left with. I really would appreciate any help, pointers, tips, that you vets have. It would help me more than you know. Thanks in advance, Sabi