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  1. I am just coming back after all these changes and I've been having fun leveling up. I understand higher level players have issues with certain aspects of the game and I won't pretend I have a clue what you guys go through (yet anyway, hopefully hit 80 soon). I was hoping for some advice because I have 500+ mil on an older character and I've been playing a new cleric lately and I am running out of inventory slots, a ton. I've been able to upgrade some with quest money and selling greys/whites but I've reached a point where the storage upgrade prices for my inventory and bank are exceedingly hig
  2. If anyone gets curious on the Elyos side if you go to Reaper/Kishar outposts around the 41/42 levels you'll see all kinds of campaigns and blue quests. Hope that helps!
  3. I am returning after a very long break. I have a SW at 65 but I forgot just about everything to do with that class so I started a new one, hoping to relearn the mechanics and how things work. So much has changed since I last played and I gather that more change is on the way. I have loads of questions, because my Google-fu is apparently not strong when it comes to this game. Crafting. WTF? Is it just not worth it anymore? If I make this new toon my main, I'm going to want to do Miragents because I am a completionist but also evidently a masochist. What gear am I supposed to get after thi
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