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  1. Boring event whit bad rewards and no mayor bug fixes? damn
  2. ok idk if anyone posted it alrdy(didnt see it on the original post): text bugs on sw: -Syncopated Echo debuff doesnt show correctly on enemies -2 skills called exactly the same: blazing requiem(vision stigma frog skill and the 2nd daevanion skill for the fiery requiem)
  3. 6.0 rewards

    go to your NCsoft account>apply a code. there you should have, in the aion tab, a code to apply.
  4. Lvl 79 Campaign location???

    http://prntscr.com/le9lqn look in the mountain in that part, there has to be an opening in front of the "ely's traps" you deactivated . its filled with kisks and some mobs
  5. Kinah ~

    stop writing lies or show proof of it... : http://prntscr.com/le9j39 to me for 1,5m it ask for 33k kinah...
  6. Kinah ~

    here is the % http://prntscr.com/le520f 2%( changing for higher prices make's it up to 2,2%) and when you sell it its 11%(11,2% for higher prices) more . so if you sell 10-20m as i said, you will need 200-400k kinah. you can take my word for it , check yourself or keep asking for easy stuff
  7. Kinah ~

    that 20% its discounted of the total, its not asked when you post the offer(that one its like 1%) and its close to 10% not 20, if my math doesnt fail
  8. Kinah ~

    you guys dont know how to make kinah... go farm any mob and sell the guiding stones in the broker , its fast and easy way of making 10-20m kinah per hour... adding ways of selling stuff to npc's only brings inflated kinah again.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 26, 2018

    yes pls... 6 spinel coins per run its no fun
  10. 200% exp buff bug

    Hi, so this happend: logged a character which had 100% exp buff on, clicked the cake for 5-10 min and never placed the 200% exp buff(the drop buff worked well), it looks like the exp buff doesnt re-apply itself? or the 200% it doesnt replaces the 100%? tryed with multiple characters. after waiting the 2 hours to try to buf with the 200% buff, the 100% buff cake was behind the 200% cake, and placed that buff on me again... now i hav to wait 2 more hours to get the 200% buff? @Cyan greetings pd: also the npc which gives the craft scrolls its 2 times in the same spot( 1 gives the 100% scrolls the other gives the 200%)
  11. How can I farm or make a +9 stigma set?

    So for what i can remember there is a bunch of ways: Free ones: do Cruicble spire(1 a week), Mirash sanctum, and the Evergales each day. Crucible and mirash will give you 1 random to the class you choose, Evergale can give you any stigma on the game. The non-free: broker and the top right camp of Norsvold AT stigmas are rly cheap in comparison with other classes, so broker its cheaper than buying in the camp usually . You can buy 3 stigmas for 30 spinel medal each week in the camp . they are Class locked but you can choose which one do you want. basically its 10 spinel medals for 1 stigma, so check if cheaper to buy it for kinah or for spinels,etc.(if the stigma that are you looking for its expensive , create another AT to lvl 10 and buy 3 more stigmas for spinels, etc Edit: also mobs in Norsvold hav a chance of droping stigma boxes for a class, but its rly low(i got a AT stigma bag on the top left of the map)
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 5, 2018

    yes i was referring to event rewards, i though they gonna fix them ,etc my bad. greetings
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 5, 2018

    any news about this? is the loot going to be changed from the boxes? maybe more minium?