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  1. Well, the Gloriad boxes from Timeless are random as well. Can't expect anything better than that from them. I hope just like timeless you can reroll it. They could've lowered the reroll cost, though 😐 And that box from lugbug missions probably has the high chance of giving useless things just like this Flower Boss (Monastera) Box . Glad they didn't throw in the useless Legendary Flawless Socket Supplement thing in this event.
  2. @Kibbelz Please read these posts. It's absolutely unfair. I also like someone else in this forum had the same response. I was told 2 days ago they would transfer my egg. I responded back and yesterday they hit me with a "Sorry we're not providing these services anymore." And I'm like wtf?? They promised to transfer my egg and told me to log out. I waited for 8 hours just for them to say they can't do it anymore??? I tried to reason back with them and said it's unfair. A friend provided me SS where GM said it's not an exploit. An exploit involves abusing something.
  3. @Kibbelz @Loki I saw a lot of threads by players saying how they're annoyed with all the hacks/bots/3rd party programs that people use for the special "Merirunrunerk" NPCs that spawn at 9PM Server to 9:30 PM and the game mobs. Some people made some suggestions, so I hope players can write down what they think as well. I know you guys won't work on the 3rd party program/hacks usage anytime soon, but you guys are able to fix the NPC's quickly. Increase the daily stock limit to a reasonable number so that each player has a chance to receive the item they need and limit
  4. daamn look at u twist people's words and use it against them, u must be one clever guy yourself! off topic maybe or on a sidenote- a lot of people post with their main account look at Aly she's famous with those 3.6k posts. main thing about those names like Aly mentioned & what u said is "clever, greedy, and nasty". I'll throw the obvious word POWER in too. People gave these people too much power, it's like the democracy government like Aly said. In US for example, u vote for Trump & a lot of people know what he's like while voting for him. he's elected president &
  5. that's why i said some people were banned. there were still a lot of people i knew that used that bug and didn't get banned at ALL.
  6. That's pretty much going to be majority of people. They didn't ban people for the tia event when people bought the items and got quickly geared. They didn't ban everyone for the luna daily craft bug either back in the day (just some people). And yet they still don't ban people who use unfair/cheating programs like you which also is against ToS. you used them in the past funny hearing this suggestion from you lol
  7. Skins were lost in last patch too. In 5.x, when purifying your ap or harvester gear, it caused the skin to remove. And in other previous patches as well, the IS gear hyperions would also remove the skin when purified. Since most of the time we are with these ugly transformation skins covering the skin with our armor, I don’t see the reason why you should waste skins on ancient gear. Just skin it once its ultimate or keep it for 7.0 or wait till an event gives out skins. It’s sad that you can’t craft the Luna skins anymore so it wouldn’t be a problem to skin ancient gear (if there was
  8. Thank you! I renamed it to aion.bin.old and it seems to work now
  9. Whenever I enter my info and click play now, and this appears (the image below) , it never loads. The launcher just disappears. I tried to enter email&password again several times, but it just does the same thing. I submitted a ticket, but it wasn't helpful. They said my graphics doesn't meet their minimum requirements. I've been playing Aion perfectly fine with the same graphics for a year. It started to act up weird a week ago. But then it started working again yesterday, but the same problem started today. I tried googling and I don't have an antivirus program that could prevent Ai
  10. Can we have the Bolero skins (Garb/Attire), silver daru fur (think someone already said that), steel rose shield skin for clerics thanks~
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