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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    that's why i said some people were banned. there were still a lot of people i knew that used that bug and didn't get banned at ALL.
  2. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    That's pretty much going to be majority of people. They didn't ban people for the tia event when people bought the items and got quickly geared. They didn't ban everyone for the luna daily craft bug either back in the day (just some people). And yet they still don't ban people who use unfair/cheating programs like you which also is against ToS. you used them in the past funny hearing this suggestion from you lol
  3. Skins were lost in last patch too. In 5.x, when purifying your ap or harvester gear, it caused the skin to remove. And in other previous patches as well, the IS gear hyperions would also remove the skin when purified. Since most of the time we are with these ugly transformation skins covering the skin with our armor, I don’t see the reason why you should waste skins on ancient gear. Just skin it once its ultimate or keep it for 7.0 or wait till an event gives out skins. It’s sad that you can’t craft the Luna skins anymore so it wouldn’t be a problem to skin ancient gear (if there was that option. ) I really hope they bring back the skins in Luna since the one PVE enchantment stone doesn’t really help me since it’ll fail anyways. Only thing good in there is maybe the Kinah bundle since you could get from 1-100m kinah, but the rest feel like a waste of mats. No permanent mounts either. The only skin that I personally use over my ancient gear, is the one that drops from any instance or any open world grinding (I believe they’re called Ebonscale.) They almost look like the IO skins which are not too bad and are at least better in appearance than most of the other gears. And I’ll just wait till all my gear is ultimate or till 7.0 when I purify to use the skins I have saved. you can also obtain the old DD skins through PF and IDD, they’re called Ancient Obsidian. But that will take more time to get.
  4. Aion doesn't load?

    Thank you! I renamed it to aion.bin.old and it seems to work now
  5. Aion doesn't load?

    Whenever I enter my info and click play now, and this appears (the image below) , it never loads. The launcher just disappears. I tried to enter email&password again several times, but it just does the same thing. I submitted a ticket, but it wasn't helpful. They said my graphics doesn't meet their minimum requirements. I've been playing Aion perfectly fine with the same graphics for a year. It started to act up weird a week ago. But then it started working again yesterday, but the same problem started today. I tried googling and I don't have an antivirus program that could prevent Aion from starting up. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. Costume Rotation

    Can we have the Bolero skins (Garb/Attire), silver daru fur (think someone already said that), steel rose shield skin for clerics thanks~