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  1. Why is there not a fail-safe kind of mechanic that wont let you get 3 puppy knight eggs in a row on the same character from locked elite boxes? That was disappointing.
  2. What is the "Mystery of Ancients" event? Searched forum and found nothing.
  3. Currently with all my PvE gear that I have equipped, my unbuffed stats sit at the following: Attack 1000/1012 Crit 1474/1424 Accuracy 4763/4701 MA 2250 HP 19824 I really dont think thats too bad considering the apollon stuff isnt enchanted at all. All I would need to hit 20k hp is either a couple points in health, or the event npc hp buff thats always up. Any opinions? Gear isnt even totally socketed yet so I might benefit from more attack if I socket my last 8 slots with some power instead of precision. Even a few enchantment levels on the apollon pieces w
  4. Should I go half/half? Or more power than precision? Also, is there a certain amount of accuracy I'll need? I can also invest my essence points in to PvE stats for the time being, and just switch them to pvp when I'm in evergale. Is going with +15 apollon instead of +10 harvesters going to be harder to purify; will I need more of a certain material to purify them than I would with harvesters? So pretty much itll be quick enough for me to get gray wolf accessories that it would not be worth enchanting apollon accessories? And finally, as an assassin if I dont have 20k HP
  5. So I'm level 73, always been here for the pvp. But since the release of the 75 level cap, i rushed to 73 with literally only fissure and luna during exp events in the hopes that I'd get to pvp sooner and was pretty sad to find out that due to the state of the game, a very casual player like myself is gonna have a much harder time gearing up to pvp with the way the current enchanting system works. My gear is decent enough for group instances assuming the opposing team isn't full +20 75ap etc. I have decided that I might feel more achievement by trying to gear up for pve and getting to th
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