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  1. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

    Is it an alcohol promotion? Oh and you do loose few liver cells and brain cells, and gain a hangover next morning if you drink yourself silly, but whatever rocks your boat I guess.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    It was beautiful patch, the best one in years, yet management had to ruin it. Like they been killing this awesome game all these years, I don't know why these people keep their jobs, because normally if something doesn't work people get fired and competent hired in their stead, we lost most of people that came back again in few short weeks. You said you dont want the economy be event driven, atm the economy is driven by bots and gold buyers, I started this patch with 4 bil kinah, ive been down to 3 mil this week, cant buy even craft scrolls, if you don't let us to make kinah from events give us some other ways to make it, I have friends that started this patch with 10+ bil and who not logging anymore due to having 200K kinah and unable to do anything in game, and frustration of returned/new players without kinah, no wonder people leave by bucket-loads. I personally reported same bots over and over for weeks, they are still there, are you people getting paid to do your jobs or you are just all volunteers, and thats why nothing been done to address to all the issues us your clients have? I am getting to point of going to play something else as well, but I'm wondering if they even read what we are writing here, GG
  3. Event

    I hear you Pixie, I am not new and I had 4 bil to start this patch with, trying to upgrade my gear aka lvl crafting, I am excited about 20 mil for past 2 weeks too, prices are stupid, bots are on rampage, people fight over for mobs, drop rate....i get about 30 legendary gilding stone in 2 hours and there is no way to make kinah,no one buys anything on broker as they hold on their kinah for dear life, people are leaving and leaving again, at least I started decently geared so I can run anything, but many are not so I realy feel for you
  4. I had some transcendent tempering solutions that I exchanged I didnt try to open them until now, the exchange bundle offers you 1 Ultimate PVE stone or 1 ANCIENT PVP, is it a bug? Normal tempering solution gives you in exchange 3 legendary PVP stones, why transcendent gives you only 1 yellow?
  5. From what i have heard Russian Aion is still pay to play that's why almost every one is looked after, because they pay for it.
  6. lots of dc's during event

    I don't know what was fixed. I didn't have any issues last time and this time...well I got 7 sendlogs out of 10 runs, I am really frustrated. Will try to disable effects and see how it goes, but tbh the event isn't first time, there are Korean and EU servers that run it way ahead of us, why we even have mass issues? So we spend more $$ on reset scrolls or loose whatever is left of player base due to fail management?