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  1. Would it really upset the prestige players if NC gave the rest of us our gear?
  2. They at least could have made the waterslide slide-able. (Though, not any different from the airship*, the pumpkin coach, Santanurks' Sleigh and other stuff that would have been fun to ride.) Yeah, I know it's silly, but sometimes, putting in something just for the fun of it is nice. * Not the "air taxi" between the inner and outer docks.
  3. Some of the beauty of Aion is still left. It made Aion an engaging game. Adding an option for players to chose to skip directly to the end game when creating a new character is a reasonable option that NCsoft has in Blade and Soul. At least some of the lost beauty can be brought back. The removed areas could be brought back as ruins being rehabilitated. Heck, much of what was was ruins being rehabilitated. Some areas could even have been spared (such as Ardus Shrine and forest, Eracus Temple Cavern and some of the remote parts of Altgard, Morheim and Brusthonin) - and the dregions wo
  4. As a veteran player, I decided to try out the new leveling by creating a new character. It's been 3 years since I last started a new character, so I don't know how much simplification was done before "Awakened Legacy". I only started 1 new character, an Elyos, so I can only comment on that side. Poeta. Way too simple. Zipped through it. I did not see any blue quests, so there were none of the side quests I enjoyed. (In my first 4 years, I only started 8 characters, so there was enough time between to enjoy the Poeta and Ishalgen quests each time.) Haramel. The simplified
  5. Just to see how the new leveling is, I started a new character. As I leveled, I did get a new pair of wings from a drop. Combat stats only, no increase in flight/glide time. I agree, we do need wings with flight/glide time boosts as well as combat boosts.
  6. Instead of gretly over simplifying leveling in Aion, do what another NCsoft game did - allow veteran players to create end-game level characters. This is what Blade and Soul does.My friends who play it are happy to level normally tp learn a new (or new to them) class, then be able to create end-game level characters whenever they want a fresh character without having to level up, again.
  7. What about forced transfers? When will that happen?
  8. I never bought a house, so I don't have a stake in this. As best I can tell, the disagreement is over the perceived fair market value. Long time players who were able to buy houses at much lower prices than were prevailing just before the merge was announce feel they were not being offer fair value for their houses. Other players argued that those early buyers got the real value of house ownership from the various buffs house owners receive. I can understand both side's positions. I think that it would have been better if NC had figured out the prevailing house prices just before the
  9. The policy only asks to use names previously used, so the name is in the name history of one character. I guess I have to hope that the forced moves are long enough away that I don't have to worry about deleting that character.
  10. The floating quick bars just duplicate the 1st row of main quick bar. The main quick bar has 4 rows of 12, so 48 slots. 10 sets gives 480 slots. (If the floating quick bars were independent, then there would be 720 slots.)
  11. On Siel, I had 2 Asmo characters, only one of which I plan to keep. I moved the one I plan to keep to Israphel (prior to merge) and now want to give her the name of the character I plan to delete. But once I delete that character, will I have any way to prove I previously used that name?
  12. Other NC games do not have this restriction. As best I can tell, those games have no problems with this.
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