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  1. I would take everything support says with a grain of salt. They don't ever confirm bugs in my experience. It could still be bugged that none dropped at all. Maybe if enough people put tickets in they'll actually look into it.
  2. They usually don't tell you till maintenance is done but last patch I checked and the notes were live the night before if you know the link. patch notes link last time was- http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_071917.pdf if you just change the date- static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_010918.pdf That link should work once they make them live probably at like 5PM PST. Or wait till morning.
  3. Rewards need to be updated badly and it'd be cool if they stopped pushing out event buffs like the anniversary one that don't stack with the prestige buff.
  4. It's pretty obvious in the streams how little time they spend on this game when they can't figure out simple mechanics.
  5. I checked both sides of the game multiple times during off and peak hours and they appear to never be logged in. Just to further explain, the night of merge I got my name and was using it up until Thursday when my legion mate asked me why the legion ledger showed my name was force changed. I checked my email and I had the email from NC. They even scolded me for taking their name. And while trying to get answers they just told me to be “understanding” and that the person was an “eligible” player. It took me messaging Cyan on here to find out they had it longer but I believe this is a
  6. After 6+ years of using the name Padmarashka on my glad and main character I’ve been strong armed by Aion customer service out of this name. So that someone can have it on an alt they never use. This is Aion’s Policy because they don’t care if people lose their main character names and they wanna spend as little time as possible actually looking into these matters thoroughly. So, slow clap for you NCSOFT, you’re doing great!
  7. This such a slap in the face to us who pay monthly for prestige. Aion advertises the prestige buff but with the cake buff we now have to choose between what we pay for monthly or the XP. The choice is pretty clear but honestly they should just fix prestige so we don't have to choose. The old system pre 4.8 worked good for this since you didn't lose your buff if you wanted XP since it was all account based. Maybe if they lost their prestige customers they would care more about this. I know I won't 'cause monthly rewards but still.
  8. I think I speak for most of the player base when I say code red should be extended till server merges on the 11th
  9. There is also such a thing as being a bad customer. Your friends and you should pick a server and stay there till merge and not expect to bounce around as you please.
  10. Are you adjusting the pots that we are getting for code red to ones valid for our level range? Are the NPC's going to spawn correctly now? Is there a date for these server merges?
  11. What it is is that these "Devs" we have can't even spend 10 mins to review the events they implement before they do. Why? Because they make more money on BoS and MXM so we're not worth anything to them. I wonder if Korea knows how crappily they manage this game? Probably not. Everything they do now half-assed at best.Why don't we have a date for the server merges that they've delayed now three times? And is code red going to be running till this happens? In the past code red has always ran till we have an update which I think was the point of running it this time was to give us some "good" fr
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